Workflow Builder

Workflow builder lets you build custom mobile and web workflows using drag and drop. A workflow is a sequence of custom actions based on your business process.

Build Workflows Using Drag and Drop

Create workflows customized to fulfill your every requirement and are simple to implement. Just drag and drop widgets to create custom workflows that can be activated or deactivated and even changed as per the evolving business needs. A robust zero-code solution that requires no programming expertise.

Axonator | Workflow Management Software

Delight Your Customers with Beautiful and Professional Reports

Impress your clients and higher management with great looking reports with highly structured and collated information. Create reports as per your exact specifications and convey valuable information professionally for greater impact.

Perform Automatic and Manual Task Routing

Assign task widget is used to perform automatic or manual task routing. Task assignment policy like broadcast and pick is used for assigning tasks to a specific group and anyone in the group can pick up the specified task. Tasks can also be assigned randomly and as per the availability of a particular person. Reference user task assignment policy is used to assign a task to a person who has already performed the previous task in the same workflow.

Trigger Email and Push Notifications

Workflows can be configured to trigger push notifications instantly after a specific task is completed. For example, a notification is triggered when a safety inspection is rated as ‘unsafe’ and immediately the concerned supervisor and manager is informed. Another example is a notification or email getting automatically triggered if a maintenance task indicates the need of replacing or servicing of a particular machinery part.

Send Forms for Approvals

Approve/Reject with a reason An inspection form or a survey form sent for approval can be approved or rejected based on compliances with specified protocols.
lude geolocation stamps that indicate the location from which the report has been submitted for authenticity and accuracy. 

Ready-Made Workflows for Common Scenarios

Ready-made preconfigured workflows are available for common scenarios that can be reused for rapidly implementing structured business processes. Such kind of preconfigured workflows are implemented without any change or after making minor adjustments. This feature significantly reduces implementation time and is optimized for specific applications.

7. Ready-Made Workflows for Common Scenarios

Send Data to Third Party Software

Powerful integration capabilities let you connect your mobile forms to third party platforms for unrestricted flow of data. This seamless integration facility helps you to establish a reliable and accurate flow of critical data sourced from your different business processes.

Generate Reports & Build Dashboards

Configure workflows to instantly generate reports based on the submitted forms and such reports are instantly emailed to specified stakeholders in the format chosen by you. Workflows are also designed to supply real-time updates to dynamically update spreadsheet rows and analytical dashboards. This is a great way to track critical processes, improve quality and monitor compliances.

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Advanced Power Features for More Complex Scenarios

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