5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Drag-and-drop App Builder For Your Business

Mobile apps have gained significant importance in managing day-to-day field operations in recent years. 

However, substantial development investments and longer timelines have emerged as significant challenges for SMEs for its adoption. 

Business today need viable ways to develop and deploy mobile apps with less cost & timeline, and that’s where drag-and-drop app builders come into the picture. 

This article will discuss in-detail information about drag-and-drop app builders and why businesses today need it for building their next app.

Let’s dig deeper into the details:

What is a Drag-and-Drop App Builder?

A drag-and-drop app builder is a cloud-based mobile app builder platform that allows anyone, even without coding knowledge, to create a mobile app 10x faster.

The drag-and-drop platform significantly speeds up application development due to its visual interface, significantly reducing cost and development timeline.

To learn more about it, let’s look at the five reasons to use a drag-and-drop app builder.

5 Reasons Why Your Firm Needs a Drag-and-Drop App Builder

1. 10X Faster App Development

Drag-and-drop helps organizations to quickly build custom mobile apps without having to code, helping organizations to take the mobile apps market faster with less effort, saving your firm time and money.

Taking an example to explain this, on the one hand, organizations can take IT experts’ help to develop an app for gathering quality management-related data. Still, it will surely cost both time and money. 

While on the other hand, companies can use a drag-and-drop app builder to develop mobile apps, mobile forms, and digital inspection checklists 95% faster than traditional software development. 

So which one do you think is better?

2. Greater Scalability As Per Growing Needs

Drag-and-drop app builder helps companies to develop mobile apps that fit the firm’s specific needs. This flexibility can be invaluable when creating an app that is truly unique and meets the particular demands of your business.

But with a drag-and-drop app builder, companies can customize each checklist as per your requirement with features like data validation, drop-down options, conditional fields, and so much more. And that, too, without the hours of coding, debugging, trials, tests, and upgrades. 

No doubt, it gives you higher flexibility and scalability in significantly less time! 

3. More Cost Effective

Companies can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars with drag-and-drop app builders. Firstly, using a drag-and-drop app builder is more economical and manageable than hiring a full-stack developer.

Companies need not to pay a coder to configure or deploy an app. Instead, if you create apps, you may not even have to pay for anything. Still, even if you go for professional services, depending on the level of complexity and functionality, you may have to spend as low as $350. 

4. Intuitive User Interface

Apps built using a custom drag-and-drop app builder are intuitive. This means that users will be able to quickly build custom mobile apps as per their changing needs.

For example, in a drag-and-drop technology, one will never get to be anxious about what is going on at the backend because it requires only dragging and dropping widgets from one place to another, and the actions can be instantly seen. This gives organizations the ability to build mobile apps more intuitively.

5. Easy-to-use Mobile Apps

A custom drag-and-drop builder allows organizations to create a more engaging user interface for mobile apps. This can make the app more user-friendly and increase its overall appeal.

Apps built from drag-and-drop functionality are user-friendly because they are built on logic and dynamically display information as per the data inputs. 

They give their users a guided experience, and with automated workflows, you can get the proper forms to the right people on the devices they are comfortable with.  

How to Create Custom Drag-and-Drop Apps with Axonator!

Do you want to create your mobile apps with drag-and-drop technology before using them for your company? 

You can do that too!

All you need is a good drag-and-drop app builder.

Axonator is an app builder that lets you create custom drag-and-drop apps without any coding. 

Organizations can build an app for any purpose with Axonator for business.

Axonator helps create custom drag-and-drop apps and start converting paper forms/checklists to the app to automate your entire operational processes for greater productivity easily. 

One can add text, images, videos, etc., to make your app interactive and engaging. Publish the app on your smartphone with just a click.

Connect with us to make a walkthrough of the Axonator drag-and-drop app builder. 


Schedule a call and see how you can build the app quickly. 

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