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Low Code Platform

What is a Zero-code Platform and Why Should you Use it to Build Apps?

A Zero-code platform uses a visual development environment to build applications without relying on IT for the app development process. Because of the simplicity of software creation, even those with little programming experience can create completely functional enterprise-grade applications.

Checklists for Every Possible Requirement

Effortlessly Create Micro-apps Using Zero-Code Platform To Streamline Business Operations

Create hassle-free micro-apps without code to digitize and streamline your process at a time. Publish multiple business apps in days on your preferred mobile platform (Android & iOS).
Effortlessly Create Micro-apps Using Zero-Code Platform To Streamline Business Operations
Zero Coding Means Creating Apps on Visual-based Drag and Drop Interface

Zero Coding Means Creating Apps on Visual-based Drag and Drop Interface

Effortlessly carry out critical facility management tasks such as building maintenance, inspections, building surveys, inventory control tasks, etc. Fill up the essential info to keep everything documented.

Publishing Apps was Never This Easy. Get Your Mobile Business App To Market in Days

Create hassle-free micro-apps without code to digitize and streamline your process at a time. Publish multiple business apps in days on your preferred mobile platform (Android & iOS).
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Integration with Legacy Systems

Cloud Integration

The latest low-code tools for enterprise IT teams to tackle data management, mobility, analytics and cloud that enhance business operations without developers.
CMMS Integration

Why Choose Zero-code Platform Over Traditional App Development

Here’s why business prefer zero-code platforms over the traditional app development process
Traditional Programming

Who can create an application?

Even Individuals without any coding knowledge can create powerful apps.
Only programmers can create mobile apps.

How easy is it to build applications?

A pre-built library of functionalities, drag-and-drop graphic interface, and templates make it super easy to develop mobile apps.
Requires writing code, testing, and troubleshooting errors which only professionals can do.

What about function reusability?

Offers pre-configured modules and functionality which can be reused for multiple different solutions, quickly.
Doesn’t offer much reusability. Especially in the case where multiple platforms are involved.

How much is the cost involved?

Much cost-effective due to focus on selected elected functionality.
Quite hard on development as the expenditure covers setup, production, testing, and maintenance.

How does maintenance and Risk management works?

Quick adjustments make it easy to stay compliant with industry standards and the evolving business needs.
Requires reconfiguration of writing code, compiling, and debugging.

Which is more secure?

Cloud-based security patches are installed automatically.
Developers need to go back into the code to implement the security fix.

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Axonator — Capture the Ultimate Power of App Automation, Without the Need for Coding

Feel it. Imagine it. Create it.

With a handy drag-and-drop interface, just select the relevant elements and hit publish. If you can think of any possible business mobile application, you can create it.

Mobile Form Builder
A New World of Visual-based App Creation

A New World of Visual-based App Creation

Not just see code. Design your apps with visuals. Seamlessly know what your app would look like after being published. Use pre-built templates, or start from scratch.

Enterprise-wide Apps on Mobility

Publish your apps once and deploy them on any platform you like. Add mobility to processes by empowering staff to achieve excellence from any device, any platform, from anywhere.
Enterprise-wide Apps on Mobility
Automate Your Business Process Management

Automate Your Business Process Management

Get automated digital reports, analytics to supercharge your business processes. Leverage digitization to make processes streamlined, quicker, while eliminating bottlenecks.

Enterprise-wide Solutions Developed Using Axonator Zero-Code Platform

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Survey App

A powerful mobile survey app enables you to ask questions, record answers, get instant feedback and real-time data in order to make better decisions faster. Get data directly to your dashboard and real-time analysis that offers actionable insights.
Axonator | Tick Icon

Data Collection App

A mobile data collection app that allows you to collect filed data, create reports, and generate insights to make business decisions. It is your perfect tool for creating surveys, collecting responses on the go, and analyzing responses anywhere in the world.
Axonator | Tick Icon

Attendance App

Allows you to detect the attendance of employees, visitors, students, and patients without any human interference. Axonator system will recognize the faces of individuals entering the premises through a facial recognition technology.
Axonator | Tick Icon

Visitor Management App

A seamless, secure visitor management app to provide a better experience to their visitors and enhance building security. Manage visitor locations, real-time visitor activity & generate detailed guest reports for compliance monitoring, better reporting, and intelligence.
Axonator | Tick Icon

Vendor Management

Join your BPM principles with futuristic technology via mobility. Implement a Mobile-First strategy for field business automation to conduct operations anytime, anywhere. As your business environment changes, customize Axonator to match your needs easily.
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Space Management

Address inefficient ‘manual’ allocation systems that can result in unnecessary costs, complexities, and storage issues. A reliable and effective software program developed to address the issue of space management in offices and corporate buildings. It enhances space utilization enabling smart and logical space allocation.


Zero-code platforms empower organizations to create and publish advanced enterprise-grade applications without relying on technical manpower or an IT Team. They have become crucial in removing bottlenecks and reliance on others to develop advanced mobile applications. Apps created using zero-code platforms are visual-based, fully automated, editable, and scalable for any future use.

As the name suggests, zero-code refers to the application development process without writing a single line of code. The visual-based app modeling leads to how the app works rather than how it is built.

Low-code on the other hand also deals with visual-based application development but requires a developer to finish it or use minimal code to customize the application.

Yes, with a zero-code platform such as Axonator, business users can create complex enterprise-grade applications without writing a single line of code.

Zero-code development is a quick process as it lets application developers visualize how the application would work. Hence, such application development leads to Better agility, Reduced cost, Increased Productivity, and being future-proof through customizability.

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