Workflow Builder: Simplest Way to Streamline Routine Processes
Build custom workflows as complex as you like with a drag-and-drop interface using workflow builder. Automate your business processes, reduce manual workload, and improve productivity.
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Fast, Easy, and Automated Complex Workflows
No-code Workflow Designer
Drag-and-drop interface to create workflows in minutes without programming skills. Build workflows that fit into your unique processes with easy to use workflow builder tool
Advanced Workflow
Build Advanced Workflows
Easily build advanced workflows like parallel workflows, multi-user workflows, etc. to automate the most complex business processes. You can effortlessly create mobile and web workflows as complex as you like
Ready-Made Workflow Templates
Ready-made preconfigured workflows to automate most common field business processes like inspections, maintenance, etc. Implement these workflows without any change or after making minor adjustments.
Workflow Template
Automated Mission Critical Processes
Automated Mission Critical Processes
Don’t waste time manually running routine tasks. Automatically route information to the relevant team, and set alerts, notifications, approvals, reminders, and escalations to keep work moving forward.
Automated Tasks Assignment
Effortlessly perform automatic or manual task routing with the ‘Assign task’ widget. Assign tasks to a specific group or randomly as per the availability of a particular person.
Automated Tasks Assignment
Trigger Emails and Push Notifications
Trigger Emails and Push Notifications
Automatically trigger push notifications or emails after a specific task is assigned or completed. For instance, notifications (e-mail, SMS) are triggered when a safety inspection is rated as ‘unsafe’, and immediately the concerned supervisor and manager are informed
Manage Approvals with an Ease
Create an approval workflow with ease. Submit and approve approval requests through mobile phone. For instance, an inspection form or a survey form sent for approval can be approved or rejected based on compliance with specified protocols
Manage Approvals

Integration with Legacy Systems

Connect Everyone to Everything

Break down data silos by integrating cloud and on-premise applications, third-party software, legacy systems, data sources, and devices across your distributed environment with Axonator.
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Benefits You’ll Get After Implementing Workflow automation platform!
Data Privacy and Security
Ensuring the safety and confidentiality of audit data in the safety audit software.
Multi-step Workflows
Automate multiple processes by building multistep workflows.
Conditional Logic
Customize your workflows by adding if/then logic and automate everything accordingly.
Custom Workflow Apps
Develop and deploy tailor-made applications to your business using the drag-and-drop feature.
Integrated Tools
Instantly share data across teams through automatic sync with your most used tools like Google Drive.
Data Formatting
Ensure seamless data transfer by transforming data from one app into the right format before passing it on to another app.
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Our company was observing a steady decline in our product quality. Axonator has helped us to bring automation to our existing quality management programs. And now, after six months, we are noticing significant improvements in the level of our quality and fewer customer complaints, this is a huge achievement for us.
Thomas Damon
CEO, A Manufacturing Company
Consistently Rated Best-in-Class
Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There's a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
One Platform. Five Components. Infinite Possibilities.
Axonator's five components work together to create a rapid app configuration experience and support infinite use case possibilities.
Powerful Mobile
Data Collection
Intelligent Workflow
Third Party
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Axonator provides purpose-built enterprise solutions configured to each customer's specific needs. Contact us now to learn how Axonator can work for you.
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