Axonator Work Order Software For Highly Successful Business Processes

helps in the creation and execution of an effective system of managing workflows through the work order management app. Expedite work orders for tasks like preventive maintenance, emergency repairs and well-organized task allocations.
Work Order App - Axonator

Remodeling Business Processes

Rearrange work orders for better output in different sectors like facility management and construction. Facility managers can use the work order management app for generating work order templates to fulfil the listed SLAs.

Set-Up Recurring Work Orders

Workflows can be designed to automatically create work orders for recurring tasks. In addition, reactive/unscheduled work orders can also be created as per the emerging requirements. Rapidly adapting to the prevailing work environment enables speedy execution.

Easily Accessible Work Orders

Different types of work orders can be easily classified and filtered as per the assigned worker, task location, asset type, task priority and severity of the service request. This helps in easy accessibility of work orders for better functioning.
Work Order Software Easily Accessible Work Orders​

Tangible Benefits For Assured Positive Outcomes

Work order management is essential for ensuring smooth processes and fast services. Discover how Axonator helps to implement it better.
Work Order Software Preventive Maintenance Made Easy​

Preventive Maintenance Made Easy

You can easily view all the planned preventive maintenance work orders on a calendar for greater visibility and control. Vital information is easily classified based on the status of the work, severity of the reported issue and quality of work executed. Instant notifications are submitted on the planned maintenance tasks and to whom they are allotted.

Work Order Software Enabling Structured Task Execution​

Enabling Structured Task Execution

Our app provides easy access and visibility regarding pending, completed, new and rejected work orders. This enables highly structured task execution with enhanced tracking and communication capabilities. Speedy and targeted completion of service requests is also ensured and facility managers get greater control of executing priority work orders effectively.

Work Order Software Track Complex Information​

Track Complex Information

Easily track complex information regarding automated calculations for material usage and labor charges. Generate instant PDF reports of work orders that are immediately emailed to the concerned entities. The generated reports are stored in a secure cloud for easy accessibility and tracking.

Integrated Work Order Software

Integrated Work Order Management

Managers receive information regarding different problems/issues through multiple mediums like phone calls, emails, in-person complaints, and others. The Axonator work order management app can easily collate the information regarding any problem through all these platforms.

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