Top 10 Reasons Why Axonator Beats Honeycode Hands Down In The No-Code Mobile App Space

Why Axonator Beats Honeycode Hands Down In The No-Code Mobile App Space


With the rise of the remote working trend, companies worldover are dealing with issues to better equip a remote and an increasingly mobile workforce. Coupled with this, there is a major dearth of competent developers and coders who can bridge the gap between an insatiable demand for custom mobile applications and its fulfillment. These scenarios are playing out right in front of our eyes presently and are acting as a prime reason fuelling the growth of the zero-code mobile application development companies. Before we explore why Axonator beats Honeycode comprehensively in the creation of zero-code mobile applications, let us get some lowdown on both of these companies and their prime objectives in this highly competitive arena. 



Now, as this sector is becoming crowded, the latest entrant being Amazon Honeycode, we at Axonator are bracing up for a surging consumer demand and competition from tech behemoths. Axonator recognized this need for customized mobile app solutions long back, and the prime reason for its inception is democratizing the enterprise mobility space with customized mobile apps that improve the core business processes of companies and result in better growth and profitability. Add to it the incredible speed at which such apps can be deployed and their cost-effectiveness, it is an absolute win-win situation for everyone involved.  



Honeycode is shaping up to be a low-code platform for app development that encourages the citizen developers to build their own mobile apps faster and easier instead of waiting for a long period for a skilled app developer to make one for them. Citizen developers are individuals who don’t have formal education credentials in software engineering, coding or other technical competencies. However, they possess a great knowledge about the business processes which are being followed to achieve a particular desired outcome. Citizen developers take advantage of the internet resources and use low-code platforms as tools to achieve their goals by making apps that refine their targeted business processes.



Axonator has taken a different approach, and instead focuses on offering the best solutions to individuals who absolutely have no idea about coding or any technical expertise. By offering a zero-code platform in its true sense, Axonator ensures that the benefits of customized mobile apps trickle down to the very basic level of our working culture, so that all and sundry can use apps for any process they wish to automate. It is not limited to just enterprise-level or mid-sized companies, the Axonator zero-code mobile apps platform is transforming a large number of small businesses as well, giving them the ability to leverage the digital transformation for the better, or get eliminated by more efficient competitors. 



Axonator implements the micro app strategy for developing mobile applications that solve one specific problem at a time, eliminating multiple customer pain points in the process. Building micro apps that fit themselves in the overarching goals and objectives of the business, rather than attempting to fit the business in an app, an approach that has failed miserably and compounds problems instead of solving them, is the way we make technology work for us, rather than we adapting to technology for gaining benefits.

Coming back to Honeycode, we at Axonator welcome healthy competition and have already stood up to tech giants like Microsoft and Google, who like Amazon, possess unlimited supply of financial and other resources at their command. However, Axonator is confident of rising up to the occasion and proving yet again that it is the best company in the zero-code mobile application space, creating customer success stories that we are proud of. Axonator is a specialist in creating micro apps that truely foster positive change, and a growing list of our customers, ranging from Governments, corporates and academic institutions spread all over the world are a testament to our commitment for creating the best.


Here are the top 10 reasons why Axonator is better placed than Amazon Honeycode to offer the best zero-code micro apps solutions.

Reason 1: Axonator Is Built Keeping In Mind The Actual Field Level Challenges

Years of hard work in developing the Axonator platform and a singular focus on providing the best to our customers has resulted in a product that is solving the practical problems faced by people, and transforming their outdated business processes into highly efficient, effective and adaptive methods that work best for fulfilling their exact requirements. The reason of why Axonator beats Honeycode in this evaluation is simple, Axonator is much better equipped than Honeycode to solve real life field-level challenges. 

Rich Data Capture

Micro apps developed by Axonator are capable of capturing rich data through digitized mobile forms that eliminate the use of pen and paper for data collection. Not only text, our apps can capture audios and record videos as well, just by a single tap on the smartphone. On the field, it has uses like recording customer testimonials easily instead of writing or typing the feedback, highly useful for salespersons. 



Videos recorded at the crime scene through our apps can be used by law enforcement officers as evidence admissible in courts and instantly transfer it to the department and their seniors without any hassle.Hospitality industry is warming up again to the potential of QR codes for reaching a wider audience for marketing purposes and creating best experiences for their guests. Guests staying at hotels can avail room service just by scanning a QR code placed in their rooms through their smartphone, and order their food and know about interesting events happening in and around their hotel. The applications are endless. 



Facility managers are increasingly using apps developed through Axonator to capture images in building maintenance inspections. Images captured through our facility management app can be annotated for better documentation and compliance monitoring.

Why Axonator Beats Honeycode

With the Axonator apps, captured images can be annotated for superior documentation

Works Offline

Using Axonator, mobile forms can be filled even in remote locations where no internet is available. This is a boon for salespersons who need to collect customer information and store in a CRM. Not all CRMs have mobile apps or work in the offline mode. The problem is solved by Axonator, with its robust integration capabilities, it can integrate with any existing CRM. This feature is also handy for people working in remote locations for oil exploration or maintenance of critical infrastructure. In contrast, Honeycode apps cannot work offline.

Honeycode cannot work offline

Honeycode cannot work offline. Form refuses to load once connectivity is lost in Honeycode

This is expected, since Honeycode is not focusing on providing the capabilities to function on-site/on the field to its users. Focus of Honeycode is on providing a web based solution and interface, while Axonator is focused on mobile, providing highly flexible customized mobile apps that can be used seamlessly on the field. Why Axonator beats Honeycode in this comparison is clear, the razor-sharp focus of Axonator for facilitating work on-site under every imaginable conditions (handling the hustle and bustle of construction sites or ensuring data safety and integrity even if mobile switches off due to the battery dying while entering information) makes it ideal for field-level applications. 

Accurate and Authentic Data Collection

Mobile forms designed by Axonator not only speeds up the field data collection process, but also helps in increasing the accuracy and authenticity of the collected data. For example, forms are designed to arrest data duplicity, and if you are engaged in a survey of vehicles, no two forms can have the same vehicle number as duplicate entries are not allowed. This eliminates the possibility of the same vehicle being surveyed multiple times. Collected data can be authenticated by capturing digital signatures or by using the OTP functionality, to enhance the quality and veracity of the data. This has practical implications for e-commerce product deliveries and companies engaged in conducting different types of surveys

Axonator-Honeycode Widgets

Axonator Form Builder widgets. These are the basic widgets in Form Builder, advanced widgets offer more.

Widgets in Honeycode have limited functionality. GPS, Audio or Video widgets are not available.

Map View

Data collected through our apps can be viewed on maps for location intelligence and extracting valuable visual insights for better understanding and faster execution. It is highly useful for critical functions like viewing the clusters of COVID-19 infections on a map for essential services providers to optimize their ambulance routes. Presence of such  valuable and user-friendly functionalities is another reason why Axonator beats Honeycode in making zero-code applications. 

axonator map view

Reason 2: Robust Architecture Facilitating Flexibility, Scalability and Documentation

The Axonator platform enjoys an underlying robust architecture that makes it a highly flexible, scalable and customizable entity that can be molded to any requirement that customers have. To understand better how it impacts our service delivery, let’s first explore the three types of forms that apps using Axonator can create. First is the data collection form that is used to collect various types of data. Data collection forms have widespread applications, like conducting inspections for preventive maintenance in buildings or inspection of machinery in a manufacturing plant. 



Second type of form is the Object Form, that is designed to collect information of any particular object, say an air conditioner or an ATM machine. To take any action based on the information collected through an object form, a third type of form, termed as an Action Form can also be created through Axonator. Action forms can be used to assign tasks to people based on the inputs captured in the object forms. Like assigning a service technician the task of inspecting or repairing the AC, information of which was recorded in the object form associated with it.



Mobile forms created by Axonator can be used to automatically create insightful reports. Whenever a form is submitted, workflows are configured to automatically generate PDF reports, or in any other format specified by the customer, without any need for manual intervention. The dashboard analytics feature of Axonator is used to display key information extracted from the collected data in a visually appealing way for better representation and understanding. 



All these features make the Axonator platform highly flexible to mold itself to the needs of the customers, and changes can be easily made to the digital forms created as per the evolving process requirements, without worrying about the integrity of the data collected through forms in previous app versions. Axonator allows you to create an unlimited number of forms and capture any kind of data, in any format you want, and document the data in a way you desire, and email it to the relevant stakeholders that you have identified, without any hassle.

Reason 3: Axonator is Truly Built For Non Developers

Axonator is a zero-code platform in its true sense, any layperson can use it to create apps, without having any technical expertise or relying on a software developer or a programming expert. An important reason of why Axonator beats Honeycode in this comparison is the ease by which it can be used by non-developers to create zero-code apps. 



As far as Honeycode is concerned, it is not a zero-code platform, but a low-code platform for citizen developers. People using Honeycode still have to possess technical knowledge about database modeling and spreadsheets, since its entire interface is based on it. It is necessary for Honeycode users to have technical knowledge and specify a deterministic sequence of operations, so typical of a spreadsheet use. Users need to know the correct syntax and formula based operations to use the Honeycode platform.

Axonator is Truly Built For Non Developers

Complicated setup for non-developers in Honeycode, which requires technical knowledge

In contrast, the Axonator platform is highly accessible for people without any technical knowledge, even without any basic knowledge of using spreadsheets. With its drag and drop functionality, users can create a functional app within an extremely short time period, publish it and use it for dramatically improving their core business processes

Reason 4: Axonator Has A Much Better Award Winning UI

Axonator believes in making things simple and yet highly functional so that it can be easily used by everyone to achieve their objectives. The intuitive UI of Axonator, that has been highly appreciated by the best B2B & SaaS software product reviewers, is a treat to work with. The whole experience of creating apps with the Axonator platform is enhanced by an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

On the other hand, Honeycode UI is spreadsheet based. It is not at all visually appealing and the bland look of its interface has been compared by the users with other similar spreadsheet based platforms, which makes it just another addition to the plethora of existing options in this domain. Axonator gains a decisive competitive advantage with its unique award winning interface that customers love to use. 

Let us explore this assertion more through the UI screenshots of both the platforms that further reinforce the reasons regarding why Axonator beats Honeycode.

Axonator Is Much More Cost Effective Than Honeycode

Reason 5: Axonator Is Much More Cost Effective Than Honeycode

Axonator offers a highly competitive pricing for its apps, which are pocket friendly for its customers and offers a great ROI. Unlike Honeycode, there is no limit on the number of submissions or functionalities that can be performed by the users even if they purchase the highly economical DIY pricing mode available with Axonator. With such attractive pricing, users can create unlimited number of apps, forms and workflows and in addition get the facility of designing custom reports as per their preferences, along with excellent product support.



In contrast, Honeycode users can create a workbook limited to just 2500 rows in the free version, and 10,000 rows workbook for the basic plan. This limits the number of submissions that can be made in free and basic versions of the Honeycode platform, and acts as a game spoiler, and going by these numbers,users are likely to pay a hefty amount if they want to use Honeycode for large scale projects. Why Axonator beats Honeycode in the critical parameter of cost-effectiveness is simple, we offer more value for less. 

Reason 6: Unlike Honeycode, Customized Branding Is Available In Axonator

With Axonator, users can create customized reports as per their specific requirements that resonate with their brand. The look and feel of the custom created reports can be synced with the design elements that the customer wants included as per their own branding guidelines. Company logos, specialized themes, fonts and colors, everything can be altered in the reports to match with the customer branding requirements. 



This helps Axonator customers to create a great impression through their reports, reflecting their professional and structured approach. No such facility is available in the Honeycode platform, which restricts users to predefined reporting templates where company specific branding cannot be applied.

Unlike Honeycode, Customized Branding Is Available In Axonator

Customized reports can be created using the Axonator platform that reinforce the company brand through insertion of logos and other design elements

Reason 7: Axonator is Highly Flexible, Facilitating Data Migration, Synchronization and Security

The highly flexible Axonator platform facilitates customers to migrate the collected data to their existing data management systems. Due to the high compatibility that the Axonator platform offers, users can export the data collected through our apps to any other platform, without any hassle. Robust security measures are implemented to secure the collected data and prevent unauthorized access or any other undesired manipulation of data. Why Axonator beats Honeycode in facilitating integration with third-party platforms is clear, the latter is not designed to prioritize data migration to other platforms. 



Speaking of Honeycode, user reviews indicate that no real mechanism exists for exporting code from the Amazon platform to operate elsewhere. It is a sort of a prison, in which there are no facilities for integration with external platforms, severely limiting the usability of the apps created. Honeycode should realize that the world is not limited to just Amazon, and there are other services, software, or app platforms that their users may be interacting with.



Also, this prison leaves no choice for users to export their code for scrutiny, and this can be dangerous from the security aspect, leading to data breaches and hacking of user created apps through Honeycode.

API Integration

Availability of basic choice list widget in Honeycode, through which users can choose from another table, but no API selection

Reason 8: Axonator Is A Highly Evolved Platform, Enterprise Ready, Unlike Honeycode

Axonator is a highly evolved enterprise ready platform, offering well-thought and distilled functionalities that add value to each and every widget for enhancing the usability of the created apps. This eye for detail makes each and every feature in the Axonator platform a powerhouse fueling the trajectories of customer success stories. 

widget customization

This screenshot shows the extent to which users can customize properties of each widget in Axonator, in this case a widget for creating a simple textbox.

Honeycode, on the other hand, is still in the beta stage of development and offers basic functionality in its worksheets, allowing users to create apps that can perform at a rudimentary scale. Being enterprise ready is also another reason of why Axonator beats Honeycode in this comprehensive evaluation of both these platforms. 

Advance Customization

Basic functions can be performed using Honeycode, creating apps to perform at a rudimentary level

Similar situation is observed for workflows that are offered in the Honeycode platform. Limited in their scope and functionality, Honeycode users have just to be content with base level workflows, not suitable for configuring or refining complex business processes. It can be safely said that Honeycode platform, at the best, offers intermediate level capabilities, but surely not suited for creating enterprise level applications.

Workflows performing at a base level are available in Honeycode

Axonator vs Honeycode Basic Customization

Push notifications cannot be generated through Honeycode Platform, capable of sending emails without attachments

Axonator workflows are highly configurable and can be customized to suit any user requirement.  They are capable of streamlining complex business processes to highly efficient entities utilizing automation for executing the specified tasks. Here is a list of all workflow steps available in the Axonator platform.  

Axonator Basic Workflow Steps Function
The start widget triggers the start of a workflow. The workflow starts when a new site is created with the asset form or when an inspection is performed on a site through an action form.
Fill Form
Fill Form step is related to filling any action form; like after an inspection is done, it needs to be approved. Workflow can be configured to place an approval form through the Fill Form widget, and individuals responsible for granting approval will be notified through it.
Assign Task
This widget in the workflow builder is associated with making the task assignment policy. Assigning a task to a specific user and task escalation options can be configured with this widget
Generate Object
Enables generating forms with pre-filled values that are extracted from other forms
Generate Document
Generate Document is a step executed automatically in the workflow by the system, and a PDF document is generated after a specified step prior to it is completed.
Excel Sheet
An excel file template is generated by inserting the Excel Sheet widget in the workflow.
Send Email
Send Email widget is inserted in the workflow to send an email to the specified users.
Parallel Workflow Start
This widget is inserted in the workflow if users need to perform some tasks in parallel.
Parallel Workflow End
Parallel Workflow End widget is inserted in the workflow once the parallel processes get completed and after that, the endpoints are merged in that step and again the sequential workflow starts.
Stop Widget
This widget is used to end the workflow after all the processes in it have been executed.
Axonator Advance Workflow Steps Function
The decision widget helps in determining which path needs to be chosen while executing a task and a particular path is executed depending on the response recorded.
Upload Doc to Google Drive
The PDF document that is generated in the Generate Document step of the workflow can be uploaded in the Google drive as specified by the user.
Call Rest API
Axonator uses standardized and globally recognized call rest API systems and this enables superior third-party integration with existing platforms of systems of the clients.
Google Spreadsheet
Google Spreadsheet is a live integration process that enables the users to get real-time updates, reflected in a Google spreadsheet, during the same time as data through forms gets submitted from the field.
Generate Object
Enables generating forms with pre-filled values that are extracted from other forms
Generate Document
Generate Document is a step executed automatically in the workflow by the system, and a PDF document is generated after a specified step prior to it is completed.
Excel Sheet
An excel file template is generated by inserting the Excel Sheet widget in the workflow.
Schedule Google Calendar Event
Users can schedule a Google Calendar Event for a specific Google account by using this widget.
Custom Script
Using this widget, users can perform specific custom manipulations on the data collected as per their particular requirements.

Reason 9: Axonator Supports Highly Specialized Operations That Significantly Expand The Range of Applications

Highly specialized operations can be executed by the apps created using the Axonator platform. As per their specific requirements, users can just drag-and-drop powerful widgets in their mobile forms to create an app that is capable of being used in a huge range of applications. 



Examples being the GPS widget, capable of providing location intelligence for fleet management, field employee tracking and displaying dynamic information on maps for specialized use.

GPS Widget

Axonator form builder screenshot showing the basic widgets for building mobile forms, like the GPS widget

Another example is the geofencing widget, that can be used to demarcate a specific area on a map, and generate alerts when any object enters or leaves the demarcated area. Such highly specialized capabilities of the Axonator platform dramatically expand the scope of its application, and presently users are creating mobile applications spanning a large number of domains.

Advance Features

Screenshot showing the advanced widgets available in the Axonator form builder, like Geofence

Unlike Axonator, the Honeycode platform is still in its infancy, and its range of applications is limited. The Honeycode platform can be used just for creating standalone basic data manipulation apps. No advanced data capture functionalities are present, and Honeycode users  are just limited by what a basic spreadsheet can offer, no other widgets can be used.

Reason 10: Language Is Not A Barrier For Axonator

Axonator is capable of creating mobile forms in a number of languages, further expanding its reach and adoption by making its apps reach people in their local language. The multi-language capability of Axonator apps makes it possible for the users to configure their mobile apps to display a choice list of languages that they want to use. Once a particular language is selected, the mobile form gets reloaded in that language.

Axonator vs Honeycode Multilanguage Functionality

Ability to enable multiple languages in the apps created by Axonator

There is no such facility in the Honeycode platform, and it is still an evolving product in beta stage. Axonator is also rapidly evolving as per the fast-paced tech landscape, and is constantly reinventing itself for serving its customers in the best possible way.


Axonator sincerely believes that healthy competition in the realm of zero-code micro apps brings more responsibility for everyone involved to create better products and raise the bar regarding quality, applicability and cost-effectiveness for the benefit of consumers. Ultimately, the users will give their verdict on whether or not we are able to meet their high expectations, and the journey for Axonator has been fulfilling till date on this front, but this is just the beginning for us. By democratizing enterprise mobility and making micro apps accessible to smaller companies, Axonator is playing a significant role in creating a level playing field where organizations of every size can afford to create mobile apps for bettering their core business processes. 



By eliminating the constraints regarding the availability of a competent technical workforce for creating mobile apps, Axonator is inculcating a culture where entrepreneurs are encouraged to leverage the fourth industrial revolution heavily relying on automation to achieve their goals and create successful and sustainable businesses.This has tremendous implications for shaping up the way we work for the better, making everyone empowered to use their potential for creating limitless opportunities for growth with no boundaries.

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