Why Axonator?

Complex Visibility and Validity Conditions
Using Visibility Conditions, widgets can be made visible or invisible depending on the value of other input values from either the same form or on the values of forms filled by previous users in the workflow. ard. Also, receive real-time alerts and notifications regarding the fieldwork
More Flexible Layout Options like Collapsible Groups and Subforms

Subforms allow form builders to make a long-form shorter by combining related inputs in a separate form. This makes it easy to navigate to different widgets within a long-form. Axonator also supports large forms and even features the capabilities of collapsible groups

Advanced-Data Relations Between Forms

Subforms allow form builders to make a long-form shorter by combining related inputs in a separate form. This makes it easy to navigate to different widgets within a long-form. Axonator also supports large forms and even features the capabilities of collapsible groups

Streamline Your Operations with Advanced Workflows
Axonator not only allows field staff to capture and submit data but also allows the app builder to configure action steps to be executed once the data is submitted

Axonator workflow builder is used to implement workflows of the following kinds. These are some examples while there are infinite possibilities in which workflows can be designed

Sequential Actions for Step by Step Process
A succession of stages that are executed one after another until the last action is accomplished is represented by this diagram. You can change the sequence in which tasks are executed, but they will always be executed sequentially. Maintain the business flow by ensuring that there are no backward steps and that everyone is only going ahead
Bring Knowledge and Collaboration Together with Ad-hoc Actions
Ad-hoc Actions allow you to automate the formalization of workflow for the creation, approval, and publication of documents, whether they are for external documentation, internal specifications, or policies and procedures. You can do this without the need for complex programming languages, and you can do it quickly
Single Sign on
Parallel Workflows to Get Things Done Quickly
Run more than two workflow actions simultaneously. After a consultation step, unordered workflows allow the process’s state to be changed. This implies that participants can express their thoughts on the process without having to wait for the paper to be approved by a prior participant
Auto-Assign Workflows to Increase Speed
Eliminate the waiting time and prevention of rework. When work is ready for team members to begin, automatically assigned them through workflows. You can also auto-assign process stages, and as tasks go through each step, new assignees can be added immediately so that they can start working on their tasks
Scheduling Workflows for Automation
Allow users to plan and pre-define modifications to their operations and segments for future points in time by providing them with the option of scheduling. It also enables users to construct complicated release plans by scheduling the incremental stages in advance, which increases their overall productivity

Better Support for Field Scenarios

Geofencing can be used on forms to guarantee that data is only filled out or gathered inside the permitted areas or within the permitted radius. This ensures that the workforce has really arrived at the place where surveys, audits, or inspections are being conducted

Make your data come to life by taking photos and adding annotations or drawings to them. Increase the effectiveness of data collecting by include date/time stamping, GPS location stamping, and drawings

Janitorial Inspection Reports

Automatic Generation of Professional-Grade Reports

Generate single record PDF reports by automating the distribution of data to the appropriate recipients. Make sense of data quickly and efficiently by automating report production and making data-driven choices based on the information included in the reports

Obtain real-time access to automated reports containing KPIs on work orders, maintenance requests, inspections, field services, and other day-to-day activities, including field services

Power Users
World’s only Mobile Form with Form Scripting
Only Axonator offers dynamic operations or manipulations in the form while filling the form from the mobile device. Have one or more simple javascript functions written inside of your forms. Various actions, such as automatically changing field labels/values, showing error/warning alerts, based on the values entered in the form, can be performed by writing in the form script functions, which are registered with the callback
Build Skip Logic
Fast Operations Feature for the Field Users
Equip your mobile staff to work from anywhere. Take advantage of powerful, advanced Choice Field features such as Long Press Auto-Repeat Button, Repopulation of Data, Inline and Wizard Modes, Green Tick Indicator, and Globalization support and empower your field workers with everything they possibly need to do their tasks
Cost Effective
Experience Simplicity With Extensive Cost Savings
Developed on the foundation of a low-code platform, Axonator facility management software is configurable to fulfill every business need. It’s your business that shapes our software. Whatever your needs, you define the rules – we build the FM solution on our low-code platform
Be Ready To Achieve Field Operational Excellence
Axonator provides purpose-built enterprise solutions configured to each customer's specific needs. Contact us now to learn how Axonator can work for you.
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