Augment Your Business With Axonator White Label Apps

Take advantage of fully customized, specialty business apps that feature your own brand and design by using Axonator white label services.

Why Choose Axonator White Label Apps?

There are multiple advantages of choosing the white label route to elevate both your brand and profitability. 

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Superior Apps With No Frills

Technically superior and fully customer-centric mobile apps that give a fillip to your business. Axonator takes care of everything, all the maintenance, and updates, troubleshooting, and fixing.

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Boost Your Brand

Enhance your visibility and reinforce your brand across platforms. Mobile app solutions that are dependable and trusted, it is now or never to adopt the new way of business with the latest digital tools.

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Puts Your Customers First

Provide a great customer experience through tailor-made mobile apps that boost both your credibility and customer retention and loyalty.

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You Decide Everything

You are in complete control of the way apps are listed and deployed in the market. All the details, from releasing app updates to the way the apps evolve as per your customer needs, are in your hands.

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The Axonator Expertise

We are the best in business and create high-quality apps that are highly appreciated and trusted across various industry segments and geographies. Our experts are at your service for your every need.

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No need to invest in any technical workforce or infrastructure. Customized, highly secured, and feature-rich mobile apps with a great UX is all that you need and we will provide you everything.

The White Label Advantage You Cannot Ignore

Focus On Your Core Competencies

Axonator native apps are technically superior to transform any business for the better. We know the ins and outs of developing zero-code apps that work for you. We manage everything for, right from app design, maintenance, security, and troubleshooting, and you focus on what you do the best and leave the rest to us.

Effortless Backend Management

Manage all your apps with a powerful and easy to use backend system that lets you clone apps, adjust app configuration, and control access with just a few clicks.

Mold The App The Way You Wish To Sell

Gain complete control of the way app features are made available, create a pricing strategy based on the app functionality you provide, the way it works best for you.

Offer Custom Functionalities Through The Developer SDK

The Axonator platform is highly evolved and dedicated to cater to any needs that you or your customers may have. We equip you with all the necessary tools and that makes you offer your customers highly customized apps that are catering to their every requirement.

You Can Always Count On Us

Axonator offers dedicated white label support, and your every requirement is our highest priority. We are always there to help you, whenever you need it, through phone, email, or in-person.

Training And Consulting Support

Your success is ours, and we leave no stone unturned to give you all the training and consulting support that you may require.

What's The Process?

Get Started With White Label

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Hosting Options

The Axonator micro apps platform is entirely flexible to accommodate different hosting options that our clients need as per their specific industry requirements.


Accordingly, Axonator offers on-premise hosting and also a hybrid cloud hosting option to its clients.

On-premise Hosting

Clients opting for on-premise software have to purchase a license of the app software from Axonator. All data generated from the apps are stored in the client-server which is physically present on their premises to avail robust data security to comply with their internal security protocols. Axonator can deploy the app software on any client-server based on Windows, or any Linux based operating system.

Hybrid Cloud Solution

Clients can also opt for hosting their app data on a trusted third-party provider (AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud, SAP Cloud, Microsoft Azure) as specified or construct a private cloud for hosting the app data with WAN connectivity.

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Our mobile app adapts to your way of doing business instead of asking you to change your process to fit our app.