How to Reopen Your Business Post COVID-19? A Step-by-Step Guide


Vinay Kardile

Digital Transformation
Expert, Axonator

Jayesh Patil

Global Business Head,


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Webinar Agenda

To help organizations and managers alike understand the various creative ways through which they can reopen their business in the post-COVID-19 world.

To fully open and start working, organizations and businesses alike need novel ways to get back into business parlance and start working again just like pre-COVID-19 times. Technology is one of them.

Join Vinay Kardile, Enterprise Mobility & Transformation Specialist, and Jayesh Patil, Global Business Head at Axonator as they take you through the complete step-by-step guide of reopening your business in the post-COVID-19 world.

Both esteemed personalities will help organizations and managers to understand the complexities of going back to the office and how no-code technology can help them achieve the same.

An insight-packed presentation full of new perspectives, data, and case studies is not worth missing!

What You'll Gain Through This Webinar

  • Reopening preparation of industries
  • Topmost factors to consider while reopening businesses
  • Step-by-step practical guide
  • How organizations can take full advantage of technologies
  • No-code as the perfect solution
  • Information-rich implementation route
  • Access to Digital checklist

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