Visitor Management App Utilizing Facial Recognition Tech

Axonator visitor management app delivers a seamless and secure visitor experience with speedy check-in. Modernize your visitor management system with a customized micro app for a welcoming guest experience.

Leverage The Axonator Advantage For Advanced Visitor Management

The visitor management app facilitates communication and collaboration so that employees, reception desk and visitors can synchronize their interactions.

Best In Class Visitor Management App

Cost effective functioning that positively impacts your bottom line as there is practically no investment required for purchase and maintenance of bulky hardware.

Make Your Premises Ready To Deal With COVID-19

Ability to control the flow of visitors in a contactless manner helps in making your premises ready for countering the contagion spread and promote a secure and healthy environment.

Configure Streamlined Workflows

Get a bird’s eye view of visitor location across multiple locations in a single platform for better monitoring. Flexible and automated workflows lets you implement a hierarchy based approval policy for visitors

Adaptive and Agile Workflows

Smart visitor management app that helps to respond quickly during crises by sending evacuation notices to all visitors in the premises in case of fire or earthquake.

Integration with Legacy Systems

Send Data to Third Party Software

Powerful integration capabilities of Axonator mobile forms mean that systems are integrated seamlessly and quickly, and data can be securely moved from one system to another. You assume total control of your data and spend more time analyzing and using the collected data rather than spending time on technical or compatibility
CMMS Integration

Unlock Endless Possibilities Through Powerful and Easy Reporting

Collect and analyze comprehensive details of all the visitors at your facility that can be used to derive useful insights through automated reporting tools.

Automated Reports For Vital Insights

Dashboard view of important insights gleaned from real-time data for better visualization and understanding. Maintain detailed visitor logs in a secure cloud that comply with Federal regulations.

Collect Valuable Visitor Details

Especially true for commercial entities, capturing comprehensive visitor details helps them refine their understanding of their target audience and reach out to them with targeted promotions and updates.

A Flexible Digital Solution Geared Up For Diverse Applications

The visitor management app can be modified to screen visitors for exposure to Coronavirus. This application contributes in containing the virus spread and comply with regulations.
Use Axonator's Covid 19 Screening App As Per Your Specific Requirements

Mobile-centric Face Recognition!

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Capture Pictures and Verified Mobile Numbers

Record visitor pictures and easily store them in a secure cloud. Also, OPT based verification ensures authenticity of mobile numbers.
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Quick Check-In Process

Enables quick check-in for visitors, who can also self-register using designated booths, without having to wait for assistance.
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Responsive To Specific User Requirements

Add custom fields as per your specific visitor registration requirements. Customizing the app is fast and hassle-free.
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Trigger Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications once the visitor registers and also get altered if the visitor is still present in your location even after check-out.
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Blacklist Unruly Visitors

Ability to blacklist unruly visitors who don’t adhere to established protocols by denying them entry on their next visit.
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GDPR Compliant

Manage sensitive information collected through the app securely for GDPR compliance.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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