Leverage The Axonator Advantage For Advanced Visitor Management

The Axonator platform delivers seamless and secure visitor experience based on face recognition tech for touchless operations. Enables faster check-in and imparts a welcoming guest experience.

Visitor Management Facilitates Quick Check-In​

Facilitates Quick Check-In

Enables quick check-in for visitors, who can also self-register using designated booths, without having to wait for assistance. Pre-registration of visitors can also be dEnables quick check-in for visitors, who can also self-register using designated booths, without having to wait for assistance. Pre-registration of visitors can also be done for convenience and better experience.one for convenience and better experience.

Capture Authenticated Info

Record visitor pictures and easily authenticate information provided by visitors in the form of mobile numbers that can be confirmed by OTP to ensure correct and verified info is stored regarding all visitors

Visitor Management Capture Authenticated Info​
Facility Management Software Integration

Integrated Visitor Management

The visitor management solution facilitates communication and collaboration so that employees, reception desk and visitors can synchronize their interactions for a smooth experience for everyone involved.

Best In Class Visitor Management Solutions

Access control and a great visitor experience are difficult to balance. Discover how Axonator helps you to achieve this fine balance.

Visitor Management Enabling You Deal Better With COVID-19​

Enabling You Deal Better With COVID-19

Ability to control the flow of visitors in a contactless manner helps in making your premises ready for countering the contagion spread and promoting a secure and healthy environment. Touch free operations and absolute control over visitor entry to your premises helps you to deal better with the ongoing pandemic.

Visitor Management Additional Safety Measures​

Additional Safety Measures

Additional safety measures can be included in the Axonator visitor management solution in the form of generating evacuation alerts, overstay alerts, elaborate visitor logs and many more. Boost efficiency by enabling auto-capturing of visitor details and giving permission for access through your phone.

Think Beyond Visitor Management​

Think Beyond Visitor Management

Especially true for commercial entities, capturing comprehensive visitor details helps companies refine their understanding of their target audience and reach out to them with targeted promotions and updates. The scope of visitor management solutions can be easily expanded by enabling collection of visitor feedback.

Visitor Management Unlocking Endless Possibilities​

Unlocking Endless Possibilities

Ability to generate automated reports detailing different visitor characteristics in the format specified by you. Manage sensitive information collected through our visitor management solution securely for GDPR compliance. The solution can be designed to facilitate the entry of unruly visitors who don’t follow the established protocols for better security.

Mobile First Axonator App Ecosystem

The Axonator platform presents a comprehensive ready to use and customized app ecosystem for various industries and use-cases specifically designed for enhancing field-based processes.

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Feedback Management

The Axonator Asset customized feedback app helps companies and to measure customer satisfaction regarding the …

Facility Management​

Facility Management apps targeting functions like inspections, data collection, housekeeping and…

Attendance Management​

The Axonator attendance management app uses cutting edge facial recognition tech for recording employee attendance.

COVID-19 Self-decalration
COVID-19 Self Declaration

Capture COVID-19 self-declaration from staff members using HIPAA compliant mobile app, store all data in one place…

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Meter Reading App

The Axonator Meter Reading App is a useful tool for facility managers to easily and accurately manage and record …

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