Comprehensive User Security

All Axonator apps and software implement a role-based authentication system to allow only authorized access based on specified configuration. Such security policies are defined by the clients and we implement them as per their requirements, allowing role-based access to different user categories with pre-defined privileges.

Regular Data Security Risk Assessments

Regular security audits are carried out to ensure that we discover any possible security weaknesses and plug the gaps before any malicious activity occurs and hackers attempt to breach the security cover. Axonator also conducts comprehensive risk assessments related to client data security aspects to prepare beforehand for any eventuality and anticipate in advance any type of data security risk.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Endorses The Data Security Measures Taken by Axonator to Protect Client Data

The Johns Hopkins University (JHU), America’s first research university is at the forefront of cutting-edge medical research carried out worldwide. Axonator is proud to be a trusted partner of JHU and its premier School of Medicine is using the Axonator healthcare survey app for collecting critical data necessary for their medical research.

As research data is highly confidential and valued, JHU takes no chances in protecting its valuable research data from unauthorized access and cyber espionage. That is why JHU conducted extensive and stringent testing of all the data-security aspects of the Axonator healthcare survey app before they started using it.

We are proud to state that Axonator passed all the stringent data security tests conducted by the JHU and came out with flying colors under the intense scrutiny by their experts and received their endorsement for the data security measures being used by us to protect the client data.

We are proud of our partnership with the JHU and the trust they have exhibited in us, by using the Axonator healthcare survey app for collecting their research data.

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