Field Data Collection Mobile Forms to Automate Your Industry Operations

With Axonator, empower your inspection teams to capture rich data more easily and faster during inspections. Send this inspected data to different places like drives, your systems, etc. through the formats you like and also share them with stakeholders

With Axonator, now equip your teams to manage safety violations better. Direct the reports to the concerned authority through standardized reporting structure. Create a remediation process after every violation occurrence

With Axonator, make it easier for your teams to handle installation & maintenance procedures with inbuilt guides that make it very simple to collect data and also avoid committing any errors

How Axonator's mobile forms improve construction safety

With Axonator, provide your field teams an ability to collect multimedia data, even without an internet connection on mobiles. Autofill the repetitive data, skip unnecessary parts of the form, and many such features that make data collection way easier for the field teams. Get access to real-time data

With Axonator, add capability that improves the health of your fleet. Bring down your vehicle breakdowns, downtime, and accidents. Empower drivers and field teams by eliminating their pain points

With Axonator, build a powerful enterprise asset management tool that can be easily integrated with your current systems. Design workflows that ease your work and collect rich data just with a mobile

With Axonator, manage your business better by allowing your teams to generate work orders, invoices, proposals, etc. automatically and send them in no time. Build an accounting system that boosts your cash flows by bringing down costs and allows better invoice management

With Axonator, automate your workflows. Automate your task management where tasks are assigned automatically to the concerned person. Set triggers, alerts, notifications, etc. based on the inputs in the form, and get productive with fewer efforts, time and cost

With Axonator, create customized risk management tool that can check the progress of any particular task, object, team, etc. Manage incident reporting, compliance adherence, and remediation for better risk management just through mobiles

With Axonator, help your teams to better adhere to compliance automatically through an intelligently-designed mobile app. A mobile app that eliminates committing costly mistakes so that quality standards are met every time

With Axonator, build a mobile app that helps your teams to generate vital reports just by a click. Analyze the data through various tools in real-time and share the reports with the team in a format that you like

With Axonator, build a mobile app that allows your teams to audit the data faster and better. Now receive alerts and notifications automatically based on the inputs of the auditor and never miss on any follow-up action

How Companies Solved The Paper & Data Collection Problems Easily?

Would it grow your business if we could help you completely eliminate the paper forms for data collection? We can assure you that our mobile form apps & workflow automation can streamline your operations and make your work effortless

Axonator’s powerful features can help the management focus on strategic decisions & new revenue opportunities. Are you game for it?

Use Cases of Field Data Collection Mobile Forms

Axonator is a hyper-agile and flexible platform. What this means is you can create unlimited field data collection mobile forms for your business.Not just creating forms, you can customize them at any point in time all by yourself without any technical expertise or coding knowledge. It’s a codeless platform.Customization of field data collection mobile forms can empower a business to suit its processes well, rather than changing the processes to suit mobile forms

Mobile forms are much more than just collecting data. Your processes can be streamlined and automated to a greater extent easily.These field data collection mobile forms are true solutions for businesses who want to achieve digital transformation. Mobility can be achieved without spending a huge budget and timeline.Axonator is an affordable solution for your business needs and gets accepted by teams since it offers an engaging UI

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