Best In Class Supplier Evaluation System With Axonator

Axonator helps companies to implement a systematic and structured supplier evaluation system with its customizable and cost-effective supplier management apps. This helps companies in assessing and approving suppliers from a large pool of candidates and choose the best.

Best In Class Supplier Evaluation System

Implement A Potent And Robust Supplier Evaluation Process

An effective supplier evaluation process is beneficial for companies as it helps in reducing procurement costs, identifying and mitigating vendor related risks and implementing continuous improvement in vendor management systems.

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Enhanced Performance Visibility

It is critical for companies to exactly measure and evaluate the vendor performance and these processes cannot be based on rough estimates and gusses. Axonator helps companies in getting enhanced vendor performance visibility for accurate and meaningful supplier evaluation process.

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Sustainable Procurement By Eliminating Waste

Axonator helps companies to implement a highly impactful supplier evaluation process which not only saves costs, but also ensures sustainable procurement by minimizing wasteful consumption and unnecessary expenditures along with a supply of quality products though competent suppliers.

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Maintain and Leverage Quality Supply Base

A streamlined and systematic supplier evaluation process ensures companies select the best vendors. This helps in aligning the capabilities and goals of suppliers with the company goals for a harmonious synergy between the two. Axonator helps companies to maintain a quality supply base to achieve these objectives.

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Due Diligence Procedures In Vendor Selection

A structured and simplified process for supplier evaluation is necessary for companies to save valuable resources and bring in accountability and transparency in the entire vendor management process. Axonator software helps companies to put in place proper due diligence procedures while evaluating suppliers for better results.

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Risk Identification and Mitigation

With a proper system put in place for supplier evaluation and greater visibility to measure their performance, companies are benefited by better management of risks associated with vendors. Axonator vendor management software helps companies to implement a robust supplier evaluation system to minimize supplier related risks.

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Facilitate High Performance of Suppliers

A systematic supplier evaluation system not only helps in selecting the best, but also aids in measuring the supplier performance on different parameters like quality of goods and services, timeliness of service, compliance and reliability of suppliers once they are accepted for procurement of specific goods and services.

360 DegreeSupplier Evaluation System

360 Degree Supplier Evaluation

Axonator helps companies to implement a comprehensive and systematic supplier evaluation process. To select the best amongst the best, suppliers are evaluated on various parameters consisting of technical competence, ability to scale production in tandem with company requirements, the quality of products supplied and their reputation in the market. Parameters related to environmental impact are also evaluated to ensure that suppliers selected contribute to a sustainable environment.

Supplier Self-Service Portal

Axonator helps companies in supplier evaluation through the creation of a supplier self-service portal. This helps suppliers submit all the necessary information for companies to evaluate them and select the best candidates. This is highly convenient for suppliers as well since they can easily upload the necessary documents on the portal through the cam scanner feature.

Supplier Evaluation System Self-Service Portal
Risk Identification And Mitigation Supplier Evaluation System

Risk Identification And Mitigation

A comprehensive and detailed supplier evaluation process includes classification of suppliers based on the types of goods or services they supply and the dependence factor of companies on the suppliers for satisfying their essential requirements. Supplier classification as primary with high value, secondary with moderate value and tertiary level suppliers helps in better risk management and mitigation.

Carter 10Cs Model For Supplier Evaluation

Axonator helps companies to implement the internationally recognized Carter 10Cs approach for supplier evaluation. Capacity, Competency, Consistency, Control of process, Commitment to quality, Cash, Cost, Culture, Clean and Communication are the parameters on which supplier evaluation is carried out. Axonator helps companies to evaluate vendors on each of these parameters to select the best.

10Cs Supplier Evaluation Model
Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

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