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Introducing smart space management software that helps in optimal resource utilization. Automate tedious tasks of managing space in Commercial and Residential buildings through a simple and intuitive interface that everyone can easily understand.

High Impact Space Management Software By Axonator

Space Management Solutions Post COVID-19

Post the coronavirus pandemic, we are gradually witnessing a shift from occupancy rates of commercial buildings hosting corporate offices and other establishments to other avenues. Due to this, managers and decision-makers need software that arms them with appropriate info leading to recognizing the emerging patterns, helping them to predict the outcomes where a shift of occupancy levels makes a positive impact on businesses.

Space Management Solutions for Facility Managers

Facility managers are saving significant resources in form of time and workforce for maintaining building spaces, both occupied and unoccupied with Axonator space management solutions. Features such as QR code scanning for proper maintenance and cleaning make the entire process streamlined and easily manageable.

Space Management Solutions for Facility Managers
Enterprise Mobility for Space Management

Implement Enterprise Mobility for Space Management

Manage space on the go. Mobile cutting-edge solutions that help in implementation of building maintenance services in a better way for effective service delivery gives rise to time-tested solutions that managers can back upon.

Cope Up With Changes Effectively

Post COVID-19, companies operating in the facility management domain need to brace themselves. As some managers maybe managing a cluster of buildings, with mixed-use or devoted to gated communities or corporate spaces, how the market will react to uncertain and testing times is unfolding slowly. However, changing occupancy patterns of facilities is something Axonator space management software can manage effortlessly.

Cope Up With Changing Occupancy Patterns Effectively
Graphical Interface With 3D Views

Graphical Interface With 3D Views

Our space management solutions can easily integrate with reputed third-party software and applications. This helps facility managers to view floor plans, building services, etc. in a 3D interface, bestowing greater clarity for faster and better decision making.

Effortless Data Collection for Micro and Macro Analysis

Axonator space management software facilitates effortless data collection from each node, for example, the maintenance node, the service nodes, security nodes, and others, leading to accurate data collection for a rigorous analysis of the collected info.

Effortless Data Collection for Micro and Macro Analysis
A Holistic View of Floor Plans

A Holistic View of Floor Plans

Axonator space management app helps facility managers to have a holistic 360-degree view about the occupied spaces and they can plan their services, circulation of the field staff and maintenance technicians, help desk support staff, among others to such levels for providing excellent services.

Space Booking at your Fingertips

Facility managers need to know how many floors/levels of space is available and at what concentration the workforce is present at such levels. This helps facility managers direct their resources at levels where maximum room/space bookings are in demand to provide them with requisite services.

Optimize Your Space Management for a Better Workplace

Reduced Costs, Better Management

Facility managers and the respective staff know exactly which areas of any building need special considerations, while occupied spaces are effectively catered to with daily systems and processes. This helps facility managers to allocate resources for unoccupied spaces leading to better time management.

Mobile & Web-Based Modules

Manage space allocation better through both mobile and web-based software modules for enhanced convenience. Mixed-use buildings, co-working spaces, public buildings and infrastructure, buildings hosting schools, universities, etc., can be managed better with Axonator space management software.

Great Value With Minimal Cost Overruns

Real estate managers are in complete control of what parts of a building, both occupied and unoccupied, require what kind of services to maintain any gated community or commercial office spaces in prime condition. This leads to effective building maintenance solutions and curbs cost overruns.

Better Management of Occupancy Levels

Manage occupancy levels as per specific plans for better control and management of space. Facility managers are better prepared to deal with unpredictable instances where there is a dramatic change in occupancy levels of buildings, with the help of our highly interactive and award-winning software interface.

Sleek & Sophiticated Corporate Spaces

Facility managers can rest assured as Axonator space management software leads to sleek corporate spaces. Axonator space management software along with our other software modules like Axonator helpdesk management software ensures sleek corporate spaces and a safe & pleasing working environment.

Futuristic Focus & Futuristic Approach

A space management software suitable for intelligent buildings makes Axonator space management software aligned with a futuristic focus of managers and other stakeholders. This leads to better preparedness if the levels fluctuate as per the external circumstances and unpredictable business environment.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator’s no/low code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other low no/low business process automation platform.
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