Single Sign-On (SSO)

Axonator SSO

Axonator platform features the convenient and secure single sign-on (SSO) enterprise-grade software feature as per the latest identity and access management (IAM) systems that enable users to securely authenticate their access credentials with multiple apps and websites by logging in just once.

Eliminate Password Fatigue

The enterprise-grade SSO feature saves you from password fatigue and is great for your productivity. SSO helps in IT monitoring and also contributes in making the Axonator micro app platform secure and trustworthy. Moreover, no more headaches related to forgotten passwords or notifications about weak passwords.

Eliminate Password Fatigue with Axonator

The SSO Process

  • Clients request access to the Axonator micro apps platform and create an SSO by registering themselves on our website.
  • Axonator then authenticates the info provided.
  • After the user info is validated, they are granted access to our platform.
  • With SSO enabled, users can access all the apps that they create on our platform and all other services and features provided by us with just one set of credentials.

Better User Management

SSO enables a centralized platform through which Axonator manages all the user-provided info, their admin credentials, and other info with a single set of login info created using SSO. This proves convenient both for the users and also helps us in providing robust security to our client data. 

Better User Management with Axonator's SSO

Seamless Migration With SSO

If you are migrating all your users to our platform, we migrate all your existing/active users with our micro apps platform so that they can log in using their existing credentials and maintain secure access to all the services.

Smooth Integration with Third-Party Apps

Axonator SSO works even third-party apps, with multi-factor authentication enabled.

Smooth Integration with Third-Party Apps via Axonator SSO
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