Effortless Single Sign-On To Securely Access All of Your Applications

Single Sign-On allows you to access all your trusted apps from a single sign-on instantly. Axonator makes it easy to use a single sign-on for centralizing all of your enterprise applications in a secure authentication system.

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Axonator SSO

Effortless SSO Across All of Your Applications

Axonator platform features a convenient and secure single sign-on (SSO) enterprise-grade software feature as per the latest Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems that enable users to securely authenticate their access credentials with multiple apps and websites by logging in just once.

Fast and Simple SSO Integrations

Quickly and easily integrate third-party SaaS and enterprise Cloud applications. Protect all your sensitive data, eliminate the need for multiple usernames and passwords – manage them all in a single place with Axonator’s centralized SSO. Log in to a single dashboard to access all of their applications, both cloud-based and native.

Compatible with Any Security Architecture

Bring cross-platform and cross-environment standards into your existing workflows, and enhance security for all of your data and assets. Axonator’s SSO is an excellent fit for new and existing multi-factor authentication infrastructures alike, with a wide range of user provisioning and account management functionality.

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

Provide single sign-on access to off-premises servers. Configure Security Token Service to allow OpenID accounts as well as trust relationships. This enables organizations to add new users without having to create separate registration and user credentials. They can just utilize the current OpenID credentials.

Single Central Control Point For Your Database

Forget that your employees are working on different platforms and different apps. With single sign-on, bring your signing-in duties to a centralized place. Whether on-premise or cloud-based, grant your employees access to everything conveniently and simplify identity and access management.

Effortless SSO Across All of Your Applications

Smooth Integration with Third-Party Apps via Axonator SSO

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