Build Safety From Ground Up With Safety Audit App

Spend less time on paperwork and more time improving safety. Equip your safety officers, supervisors, and field employees with the safety audit app to effortlessly perform safety audits, identify hazards, issue corrective actions, and send real-time reports. 

Safety Audit Software

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Digitize Your Safety Audits

Work through digital forms & checklists to perform safety audits, risk assessments, OSHA reviews, incident reporting, risk assessment, and more using a safety audit app. Capture real-time shop floor information, add live images, organize all the safety processes through a single platform, and share reports in real time. 

Digitization in safety

Schedule Safety Audits In Advance

Schedule safety audits on a daily/weekly/monthly/priority basis with deadlines. Your team can record risks, capture images and add annotations & notes. Our advanced safety audit app will help organizations keep track of the team members, deadlines, visual evidence, and more.

Timely Resolve Mistakes & Issues For Efficient EHS Audits

Flag & report near-misses & safety violations in real-time using a safety audit app. Get notified on time. Assign and take corrective actions before potential risks & safety violations create employee injuries, hazards, or compliance penalties. Send reminders to constantly track recovery.

Reminders for Safety Violations

Digitize Your Safety Violation Form to Reduce Compliance Penalties!

Collect Safety Data in One Place for Improved Analysis

Collect safety-related data in one place to get insights on near-misses, incidents, safety violations’ resolution, key performance indicators, etc. to make informed business decisions. Achieve complete visibility over safety operations with automated safety reports.

Safety Audit Processes Dashboard

Share Safety Reports in Real-time

Share the automated safety reports with managers or teammates for evaluation in real time. Add additional notes and assign corrective actions to the relevant team with a due date, potential risks, priority order, and detailed description.

Industry Standard Features that Enterprises Love!

Whether collecting safety-related data or survey information, Axonator’s advanced features make the safety audit process accurate & efficient.

Fully customizable mobile forms and checklists to perform safety audits like site inspection, compliance with safety standards, and more.

Log photos of any potential issues. Add annotations or notes and then send them to the responsible team for corrective action. 

Work faster on the field, always. Scan the QR code to access the correct safety checklists and forms on a mobile phone or tablet. 

Log potential risks easily using a safety audit app. Assign corrective tasks and track resolution status on a centralized dashboard system.

Send and receive instant alerts if safety standards are not matched. Comply with industry, regional, and international safety standards. 

Send automatically generated PDF audit reports. Keep everyone informed about current safety standards across the organization.

Effortlessly set up targets to receive automated notifications if safety parameters fall below the set performance criteria.

Gather complete information about safety on the smart dashboard. Evaluate potential safety issues with ease and make better decisions. 

Explore Enterprise-grade Safety Audit Apps Build for Industries

Spend Less Time On Paperwork and More Time On Improving Safety!

Conduct safety audits and log potential risks easily. Assign corrective tasks and track resolution status on a dashboard for faster insights and follow-up actions.

Centralize all your safety inspection data, and documents in a single system. Access data, get insights, and make better decisions.

Perform safety audits efficiently to comply with industry, regional, and international safety standards like OSHA, EHS, etc.

Run a robust audit safety program to reduce errors, safety incidents, and maintenance challenges to ensure complete safety from the ground up.

Capture real-time safety data related to nonconformity, near-misses, or incidents. Assign corrective measures to the responsible team.

Identify near misses, incidents, and safety risks. Easily send reports to the relevant team before they become a bigger safety risk. 

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Axonator Safety Audit App is Built Using Axonator No-Code Platform

Axonator’s no-code platform is built to support your needs, whether it’s building safety audit app for your teams or mobilizing your existing systems and products.

No-code platform combined with professional services is the perfect recipe for delivering a customizable solution that fits your exact needs.

The Axonator reference app is built on the no-code platform to see the mobile app in action.

The no-code platform with ready components is capable of building enterprise-grade mobile apps.


A safety audit examines how well a business complies with safety regulations. It is a systematic process that involves data collection, analysis, and implementation of the organization's safety goals and best practices.

There are three types of safety audits. These are: 1) Compliance Audit, 2) Program Audit, 3) Management System Audits 

There are four areas included in a safety audit:
1) Safety Policies 2)
Safety Procedures 3) Safety Awareness 4) Safety Training

A safety audit is important since it checks that the workplace's safety standards are being met. Additionally, It also helps in identifying any possible risks and suggests corrective actions to prevent accidents or injuries from happening.

By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that your safety audit is thorough and covers all the bases. 1) Plan for the safety audits 2) Perform the audit 3) Prepare an audit report 4) Implement corrective and preventive actions 5) Communicate the results

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Axonator’s five components work together to create a rapid app configuration experience and support infinite use case possibilities.

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