Retail Audit Software Configurable to your Needs

Equip your staff with mobile-first retail audit software to perform store audits & surveys, monitor stock status, branding initiatives, processes, and more. Collect and organize crucial data faster with mobile & tablet apps and turn them into actionable insight.

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Retail Partner Audit

Easily perform a retail partner audit like outlet location, branch name,  store appearance, exterior facade, internal design, competing brands, and more. 

In-store Retail Audits

Keep an eye on your retail outlets. Ensure that retailers are following guidelines related to pricing, products, promotions, placement, and more. 

Promotional & Brand Audits

Easily conduct promotional audits and holiday sale audits. Log in-depth information on types of promotion, duration, in-store positions, sale numbers, and more. 

Campaign Audits

Easily conduct campaign audits. Log in-depth information on types concerned with the brand’s performance related to inventory levels, stocks, and product conditions.

Perform Audits With Mobile Apps & Tablets

Perform audits across all stores using mobile-first retail audit software. Store all information at a central hub, assign follow-up actions, send real-time reports, and access insights on a single software. 

Effortless In-Store Execution

Complete auditing software for in-store management. Know exactly where and how products are sold and priced so you can spot and correct execution errors faster and easier than ever.

  • Easily collect brand-specific data, placement & positions, product availability, and more.  
  • Assign specific tasks and appointments, and identify issues with your specific retail outlines
  •  Ensure that every issue is noted and fixed straight away. 

Comply with Brand Guidelines

Empower your team to collect critical, brand-specific information. Leverage customizable digital checklists as per the brand’s need. 

  • Achieve complete insights on the brand’s retail strategy 
  • Have complete information about product displays, prices, positions, and more.
  • Assign territories, and GPS locations, and capture images for employee tracking. 

Equip your Store Workforce with Digital Checklists

Equip your store managers or field surveys with a digital checklist for performing store audits. 

  • From daily self-inspections, store checks to external audits to mystery shopping, perform audits with ease.
  • Easily log notes, and access visual guides, accelerate roll-outs of updated procedures and promotions

Automated Reports & Analytics Dashboard

Automatically generate retail audit reports in real-time and send them to relevant stakeholders. Leverage custom dashboard insights to reveal gaps in your coverage, explain product and promotional performance, and clarify which products are working most efficiently. 

Satisfy Customers, Reduce Costs, and Increase Profits

Powerful Audit Forms & Checklists

Powerful audit forms and checklists perform audits over every aspect of a retail store. Always have eyes in every store to keep everyone on the same page. 

Assign Actions On the Go

Fix issues right away by assigning tasks on one go. Ensure that every issue at a retail store is noted and fixed straight away.

Track Your Field Workforce

Have access to the real-time data of your team like location, working status, and availability for proper planning and scheduling. 

Complete Visibility with Admin Dashboard

Access complete data-related audits like audit location, frequency,  SLA status, outlet target visit achievement, stakeholder performance, and more on a centralized dashboard. 

Configurable Forms & Checklists

Inspect and audit more stores every day with configurable forms that fulfill your unique requirements.  Perform audits faster and manage risks proactively.

Comply with Standard Operating Procedures

Comply with Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPs) to evaluate in-store displays & merchandising COVID-19 protocols, health & safety standards, and more. 

Apps Built in Axonator for

Retail Industry

The Axonator no-code platform is built to support your needs whether it’s building a retail audit software for your teams or mobile-extending your existing systems and products.

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