Take your Full Store Audit to Next Level with the Retail Audit App

Easy-to-use mobile app to conduct retail store audits and surveys. Easily log information like store details, product availability & positioning,  pricing details, inventory information, and more. 

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Retail Partner Audit

Understand your retail partner better. Record information like location, branch name, consumer sentiments, store appearance, exterior façade, internal design, competing brands, and more. 

In-store Retail Audits

Easily perform in-store retail audits to ensure that retailers are following guidelines related to pricing, promotion, products, inventory, and placement. 

Promotional & Brand Audits

Easily conduct promotional audits and holiday sale audits. Log in-depth information on types of promotion, duration, placement, in-store positions, sale numbers, and more. 

Retail Facilities Audits

Effortlessly performing retail facilities audits like cleanliness, electric systems, HVAC units, store maintenance, and more. 

Easy-to-use Mobile Apps to Conduct Retail Audits

Easy-to-use retail audit app documents everything related to retail audits from store information to consumer sentiments.

  • Fully functional offline, on all tablets, mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Document every retail audit information with photos, annotations, and comments.
  • Log information about product availability and positioning with ease.
  • Automatically Generate audit reports and send them to relevant stakeholders.

Connect Retail Stores Across the World

Achieve a connected experience across all your retail stores. Define audit standards and share them across all retail stores.

  • Equip department heads, regional managers, and store managers with digital checklists to perform retail audits.
  • Log audit-related issues and assign follow-up action to the right team
  • Track tickets related to follow-up actions on a customizable dashboard.

Track Your Field Workforce

Have access to the real-time data of your team like location, working status, and availability for proper planning and scheduling. Empower your team with a mobile retail audit app to perform retail operations. 

  • Perform daily shop checks, monthly store reviews, and more 
  • Check brand compliance like product placement, price, sales, and more. 
  • Conduct retail health & safety audits, COVID-19 compliance, and more. 

Achieve 100% Visibility Over Retail Store

Achieve real-time visibility over recurring failures at stores, product availability, inventories, out-of-the-stock scenarios, and more. Easily track performance, recognize trends, and make data-backed decisions to improve your operations.

Satisfy Customers, Reduce Costs, and Increase Profits with Easy-to-use Retail Audit App

Standardized Data Collection

Easily collect on-ground accurate and reliable audit data directly for the supplier to recognize strengths, correct mistakes, and improve upon weaknesses.

Retail Audit Checklists for Every Requirement

Fully customizable checklists to fulfill all of your needs. Send us your current checklist and we’ll build the checklist-based mobile apps. 

Easier Communication With Field Workforce

Establish strong communication with the field team performing surveys. Achieve transparency over the field team. 

Better Customer Insights

Measure and monitor all retail store details. Reduce out-of-the-stock scenarios, and track what’s causing stock shrinkage by recognizing the problem stores with a custom dashboard. 

Reduce Operational Issues

Achieve real-time operational excellence related to manufacturing, delivery, and supply chain processes. Get to the bottom of issues related to operations, transportation, and quality.

Ensure Partner Compliance

Ensure that all retail partners are complying with the agreed terms of the partnership. Having access to data related to product placement, retail planogram, pricing, and promotional strategies with ease.  

Apps Built in Axonator for

Retail Industry

The Axonator no-code platform is built to support your needs whether it’s building a retail audit app for your teams or mobile-extending your existing systems and products.


An audit app is a tool that empowers organizations to record, send, and analyze audit related data. Employees can perform your audits whenever and wherever they are

The method conduct retail audit depends on organization's unique methodologies.  The common processes involve deciding your goals, determine main objectives, design audit criteria, .gather data and photos, evaluate results, implement changes, repeat the process.and more. 

Retail audit checklists are checklists that empowers organizations to perform checks on standard operating procedures, retail partners, stocks, brand standards & positionings, and more.

Merchandising audits, store audit, stock audit, brand standard audit,  competitive analysis audits, loss prevention audit are some of the major types of retail audit.

Retail audits help retail organizations success by analyzing the shopper's experience with your products in-store. 

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