Reports & Dashboards: The Easiest Way to Create, Share & Analyze Custom Reports

Innovative intuitive tools allow for building custom reporting and dashboards. Select the most valuable data, create smart visual representations, and share with team members in real-time.
Reports & Dashboard from Axonator

Axonator – The Reporting Tool Built For Operational Intelligence

Create reports with your own branding and company logo, in any format Like PDF, word, or excel, with neatly arranged tables and other critical info you choose to represent. Visualize insights better using customized dashboards that can be updated in real-time. Recognize the underlying patterns and trends in the data by enhanced understanding.

The Most Advanced & Flexible Reports Builder

Your Brand, Your Reports. Create Custom Branded Reports

Create reports that include your company logo and branding. Reports that fulfill your desired objectives and convey your professional approach.
Custom Branded Reports
Staff & Customer Signature Attestation

Staff & Customer Signature Attestation

You can include any field or info that is necessary for your reporting needs. Include signatures of your employees or customers in your reports for authenticity and approval.

Synchronize Your Reports and Monitor Field Staff In Real-time

Monitor reports sent by your field staff. Include geolocation stamps that indicate the location from which the report has been submitted for authenticity and accuracy.
Include Geolocation Stamp for Field Staff Report

Complete, Detailed Information with Pictures and Annotations

Increase the value of your reports by using an image annotation feature for better incident reporting. Make reports that help in analyzing the root causes of any incident and convey information better through powerful reporting.

Experience the Secure & Scalable Enterprise-Grade Software

Apps built using the Axonator platform are automatically scalable, secure and robust. Integrations with existing enterprise systems like IAM, Single Sign-on & legacy systems means your existing investments continue to deliver more ROI.

Simple Yet Robust Multiple Chart Types

Draw up diverse types of charts like pie charts, bar graphs, histograms, and much more to represent data better for enhanced understanding and presentation.
Multiple Chart Types
Show Data on Maps

Maps + Data = Complete Visibility

Data can be represented on maps to visualize the spatial distribution of the selected data attributes. For example, data about the spread of infection in a particular area can be represented as infection clusters depicted on a map.

Live Data, Analyze in Real-time

Create dynamic dashboards that get updated as soon as fresh data is submitted in real-time to analyze the emerging scenarios for effective monitoring and tracking.
Live Data, Analyze in Real-time
Axonator | Preventative Maintenance Simplified for Visible Process Benefits

Stay on Top of Things with Real-time Alerts

Dashboards can be created to display automatic performance alerts as soon as a pre-decided threshold is breached.

What’s Next?
Integrate Your Data With Any System!

Integrate data with your existing systems and third-party systems seamlessly so that you don’t have to manually transfer data back and forth. Integration with REST API requires no coding in Axonator.

Make the Most Out of Your Data. Create it, Flow it, Drive Decisions From it.

Create diverse kinds of mobile forms, reports, and customized dashboards to suit
your every business process need.
Axonator | Tick Icon

Mobile Form Examples

Easily create mobile forms & workflow automation apps in a matter of weeks, or just hire us to do it for you.
Axonator | Tick Icon

PDF Report Examples

Automated PDF reports with thousands of customizable templates to reflect your brand’s identity.
Axonator | Tick Icon

Dashboard Examples

Customized dashboards for a consolidated view of your collected data for better visualization and understanding of what really matters.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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