Achieve Better Visibility On The Field with Real-Time Reports

Get the right report at your fingertips- PDF, CSV, or another spreadsheet for your need – to achieve complete visibility on the field with real-time information.

Real Time Field Reports

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Intelligent Reporting for your Operational Excellence!

Generate Reports Automatically

Save time & effort for your team by automating and digitizing the entire reporting landscape for day-to-day field tasks. Customize these reports to include info that is necessary for your reporting needs.

Automatic Report Generation

Share Reports with Team Members

Speed up your reporting processes by exporting and sharing reports automatically to the responsible team in PDF, CSV, or any other format. 

Real Time Report Sharing

Analyze Reports to Gain Critical Insights

Select the most valuable data, add smart visual charts, and attach images, GPS locations, signatures, or other relevant information to get complete insights. 

Analyze Critical Report

Turn Your Data Collection Forms Into Mobile Apps Today!

Configure mobile forms to eliminate error-filled data entry for various field operations.

Mobile Form Configuration

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Automate Your Report Generation Process Within Weeks!

Automate reporting of your mission-critical processes like incident management, safety audits, inspections & maintenance, and more with Axonator professional services.

Drive Your Business With Smart Reports!

Monitor Your Field Staff in Real-Time

Achieve end-to-end transparency across daily field operations with real-time reports. Monitor reports send by your field team to track the team’s tasks & performance and get crucial insights into field operations. 

Real Time staff Monitoring
Custom Branded Report

Create Custom Branded Reports As Per Your Needs

Create reports with your branding. Customize reports for everything from brand logos, colors, report titles & descriptions, processes, fields & features to fulfill your desired objective and convey your professional approach. 

Achieve Complete Transparency Over Field

Achieve standardized communication between office and field employees with real-time information sharing. Have complete transparency over task progress and meaningful insights to achieve operational excellence. 

Complete Field Report

Industry Standard Features that Enterprises Love!

Whether creating a simple inspection report or a consolidated one, Axonator’s advanced features support use cases across various industries.

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One Platform. Five Components. Infinite Possibilities.

Axonator’s five components work together to create a rapid app configuration experience and support infinite use case possibilities.

Be Ready to Achieve Field Operational Excellence

Axonator provides purpose-built enterprise solutions configured to each customer’s specific needs. Contact us now to learn how Axonator can work for you.

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