Be More Effective On a Field with QR-code Checklist App

Simply scan the QR-code to access the correct checklist on a mobile device. Accelerate the execution of tasks such as facility inspections & maintenance  checking equipment safety, product merchandising, inventory control, and others.

QR Code Checklist App

Checklists for Every Possible Requirement

Simply Scan QR-code with your Smartphone

Accessing digital checklists has never been easier. Simply scan the QR-code from your device to access the correct checklist on mobile. Eliminate paper-based data entry and work faster on the field, always. 

QR-code Enabled CMMS
Axonator | QR Code Mobile App

Fill Multiple Form Fields Easily

Effortlessly fill out multiple form fields in numerous checklists. Eliminate the manual data entry with prepopulated fields and automatically fill the correct checklist linked to the scanned QR code.

Create Custom Checklists that Fits your Processes

Cover thousands of digital checklists that fit your processes. Work through mobile apps across diverse industries to perform mission-critical tasks. 

Axonator Fully customizable CMMS Software

Dynamic Integration

Flawless Integration with your Existing Data Management Systems and Processes

Create custom integrations, test them out, and connect your QR-code app to any third-party software for streamlining mission-critical operations.

CMMS Integration
10 Checklists That Every Business Should Convert into App

Effortlessly Execute Daily Field Activities

Conveniently perform critical field activities like inspections, maintenance, and more using the
QR-code checklist app. Log notes, signatures,
photos, and all other essential information.

Generate Automated Reports

Send automated reports with KPIs to the relevant department in real-time. Standardize work documentation processes to ensure accurate records and improve the productivity of employees.
Real-time Assessment Reports for Better Management
Real-time Data Update - Dashboard

Create Dashboard to Make Data-driven Business Decisions

Set up customized dashboards using data collected through checklists to get actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Gain Speed, Accuracy, and Convenience in
Day-to-day Business Operations

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A Smart App for Every Scanning Need

Scan thousands of QR codes right from your smartphone camera. No need to scan QR codes from external hardware or devices.

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Faster Field Processes and Better Execution

Access digital checklists on mobile phones and execute field operations faster. Save employee work hours and time to increase ROI.

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Widespread Applications across Diverse Industries

Work through customizable mobile apps to work across diverse industries ranging from manufacturing, retail, energy & utility to facility management.
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Integrates with Portable Scanners & Devices

Integrate Axonator QR-code checklist app into existing hardware and portable scanners and zebra devices to gain more convenience. 

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Stay with your Checklists Even in the Field

Easily access any Kind of checklists on the field to execute work orders. Office members will get a complete view of  activities in dashboard.

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Work Even When you are Offline

Perform daily operations using checklists even in an offline mode. Data will automatically sync when you connect with the internet.    

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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QR-code Checklist App allows you to scan machine-scannable images that instantly be read using a smartphone camera.  Every QR code consists of a number of dots and black squares which represent pieces of information like a digital checklist. 

Yes, every QR code can be customized as per your unique requirements. You can embed information like digital checklists and product description.

Axonator  QR-code enables you to access digital forms and checklists using a smartphone with a single tap. You can use these forms and checklists to record any type of data. 

You can cover a single checklist for a single QR-code. However, you can create as many QR-code you want to access the checklist as per your need. 

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