Powerful and Simple QR-Code App for Checklist Management

Axonator QR-code checklist app helps you to effortlessly scan QR codes to access the correct checklist on a mobile device. Accelerate the execution of tasks in a variety of functions such as facility inspections, checking equipment safety, product merchandising, inventory control, and logistics among others.
QR Code Checklist App

Checklists for Every Possible Requirement

Filling Multiple Form Fields Was Never This Easy

Just by scanning one QR code, you can fill out multiple form fields in numerous checklists as the app works perfectly with the reference data. The app eliminates the manual entry of data and enables users to fill the correct checklist linked to the scanned QR code.
QR-code Enabled CMMS
Business Process Management

The Only App You Will Ever Need for All FM Operations

A silver bullet for FM companies looking to manage various types of FM operations. Effortlessly carry out critical tasks such as building maintenance, inspections, building surveys, inventory control tasks, and covering all essential parameters associated with the particular task, and filling up the essential info that helps in documentation and reporting.

Cover Single to Thousands of Custom Checklists with QR-code Scanning

Access thousands of custom checklists just by simply scanning QR codes. With an easy-to-use interface, users can easily record large quantities of data typical of settings such as a warehouse where a huge number of products need to be listed or for carrying out surveys related to healthcare or market research.
Axonator | QR Code Mobile App

Dynamic Integration

Easy Integration with Any Third -party System

Connect a variety of checklists to the rest of operations by plugging the Axonator QR-code checklist app into any third-party system or hardware. Create custom integrations, test them out, and connect your QR-code app to any third-party software for streamlining mission-critical operations.
CMMS Integration

Customizable Industry-Specific Checklists that Fit Your Business

Developed on the foundation of a no-code/low-code platform, the Axonator QR-code checklist app is configurable to fulfill every business need. Whatever your needs, you define the rules – we build the custom checklists on our low-code platform to suit particular requirements.

Customizable Dashboards to Make Better Data-driven Business Decisions

Set up customized dashboards using data collected through checklists to get actionable insights and make better business decisions. Get an idea about what is going in your business in the field and use this data to improve your strategy.
Actionable Insights to Optimize Operations and increase ROI
Real-time Assessment Reports for Better Management

Automated Reporting and Work Standardization for Streamlining Operations

Empower your organizations to automatically send the report with KPIs to the necessary department in real-time. You can easily standardize work documentation across your team to ensure accurate records and improve the productivity of employees.

Gain Speed, Accuracy, and Convenience in Day-to-day Business Operations

Improve efficiency with configurable forms that connect with your existing process and systems.
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A Simple Smart, Mobile App to For Every Scanning Need

Scan any QR code right from your smartphone camera. No need to scan QR codes from external hardware. You can also integrate the Axonator QR-code checklist app into your existing hardware like portable scanners and zebra devices for better convenience.
Axonator | Tick Icon

Cost Effective Solution that Speeds Up the Process

As you don’t need to invest in hardware like portable scanners and QR codes, you save significant money. Besides, the Axonator checklist app helps companies in increasing the speed of operations and save employee work hours, which in turn reduces spending.
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Widespread Applications Across Diverse Industries

From construction, manufacturing, retail, to facility Management, the QR checklist app has widespread applications. Execute a variety of tasks involving maintenance, inspections, surveys and field data collection and reports and documents for better task execution.

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Inform Your Vendors First-hand About Service Requests

Customizable to suit any requirements. Simply scan QR-code associated with any failing equipment to access the list of vendors to log service requests for faster resolution.
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Stay With Your Checklists Even in the Field

Empower your Field Staff Members to Access any Kind of Checklist through mobile apps. Office members will get a complete view of undertaken activities in a customized dashboard.

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Offline Access For Seamless Connectivity

Never miss out on any checklist! Enable your staff members to perform daily operations using checklists even in an offline mode. Data will automatically sync when you connect with the internet.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator’s CMMS software has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, work order management, and maintenance management. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other Maintenance and CAFM software.
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