Assess Chemical Hazards with Process Safety Management Software

Simplify the identification of process hazards, management of safety information, prevention of incidents, change management, and tracking of follow-through obligations to closure with Axonator process safety management software. 

Process Safety Management (PSM) Software

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Do You Also Face Similar Process Safety Management Challenges?

After talking to several organizations, we understood that all process safety professionals face almost similar challenges.

Process Safety Management Software to Save Time, Money, and Efforts

Axonator process safety management software will help your organization ensure compliance with all Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards while saving time & effort. 

Digitize and Simplify Safety Inspections with Mobile Forms

Transform your process safety landscape by digitizing and simplifying safety audits processes using mobile forms. 

  • Increase the accuracy and consistency in data collection and improve the speed of decision-making. 
  • Access forms from anywhere, anytime even without internet, using a smartphone or tablet. 
  • Collect, report, and store data related to hazard assessments, incident reporting, and safety audits. 
Process Safety Management (PSM) Software
PSM automate workflow

Streamline All Areas of Process Safety with Workflow Automation

Improve the efficiency of your PSM processes with customized workflows. Automate incident reporting and control hazards associated to processes with ease. Streamline reviews, approvals, and reporting, and ensure that all necessary steps are taken at every stage of the process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Initiate Corrective Actions with Real-Time Notifications or Task Assignments

Efficiently assign corrective actions to relevant personnel. Receive escalating email notifications when deadlines are missed. For instance, if a PSM audit identifies a potential equipment issue, the software automatically notifies the maintenance team to perform the necessary corrective actions. 

How Do You Manage Process Safety Management Software Currently?

Paper Forms

I am using paper forms and it’s getting difficult to manage.

Desktop Software

I am already using software but it’s hard-to-use on the field.

Multiple Systems

We are an enterprise and need a customizable solution.

Get a Precise Snapshot of Your Process Safety Performance with Real-Time Reports

Effortlessly record data and generate Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) reports on any device. 

  • Generate customized PHA reports according to the needs of the organization. 
  • Track any changes to processes, procedures, and equipment, and ensure that all updates are documented.
  • Based on the reported insights, develop a plan for future safety measures and training across the company. 
Process Safety Management Dashboard

Identify Root Causes of Safety Breakdowns with Powerful Dashboards

Get a real-time visual representation of key data and metrics related to the safety of chemical facilities. 

  • Keep track of safety incidents by type, frequency, and severity. 
  • Keep an eye on overdue or upcoming compliance obligations and the status of audits and inspections. 
  • Monitor maintenance and inspection status of equipment, such as storage tanks, pipelines, and process systems, and track failures and malfunctions.

The Axonator Impact

Organizations using Axonator process safety management software observed a significant reduction in safety incidents & employee injuries.

0 %

Reduction in Safety
Incidents Within a Year.

$ 0 M

Savings in Reduced 
Compliance Penalties.

0 %

Reduction in Major Injuries
Within 6 months.

Industry Standard Features that Enterprises Love!

Whether tracking the number of safety injuries and accidents or assigning corrective and preventive actions, Axonator’s advanced features make the PSM management process accurate & efficient.

PSM Forms & Checklists

Gather data in mobile forms and report potential hazards in real-time, right from the field. Access them from smartphones or tablets and customize them according to your needs. 

Photo Capture or Barcode Scan

Easily capture images of chemicals, equipment, and other items to identify safety risks. Access data via barcodes to track the location or movement of chemicals in the facility. 

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Get all the insights you need on custom and intuitive dashboards. Evaluate the steps in the process to prioritize the potential hazards. Analyze KPIs to eliminate or control them. 

Hot Work Permit Management

Optimize the hot work permits and send only the authorized personnel to perform activities like welding, cutting, and soldering. See if they are being performed safely and are OSHA compliant. 

Risk Exposure Indicators

If the recorded pressure or temperature is higher than the ideal set parameters by the organization, then the concerned staff would receive instant alerts or warning signals so they can quickly take steps to stop mishaps. 

Emergency Response

Enable first responders or facility managers to quickly notify staff, access critical data such as hazardous substance levels, evacuation procedures, and status of response efforts in real-time using PSM software. 

Risk Evaluation Workflows

Cut down the risk of human error. Streamline communication with custom workflows to prevent bottlenecks and trim manual paperwork. Ensure timely approvals, follow-ups, and work order reminders. 

Compliance Calendar

Get a centralized view of all compliance obligations with the due date and conditions. Pinpoint process safety violations and meet necessary regulatory requirements without receiving fines, or penalties. 

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Benefits You’ll Get After Implementing Process Safety Management Software!

Increased Chemical Risk Awareness

Axonator’s process safety management software provides real-time data tracking and reporting tools to catch potential risks during inspections or audits and take proactive steps to curb them before they cause any harm to the employees or the environment.

Easy Compliance Maintenance

Ensure that your organization complies with the latest regulations issued by OSHA. Send and receive alerts and notifications to different departments for upcoming deadlines. Make it easier to analyze compliance performance or identify areas of improvement. 

Appropriate Risk Mitigation Strategies

Implement risk mitigation strategies based on accurate field inspection or audit data. Promote safer handling or storage of hazardous chemicals, use proper ventilation systems to reduce exposure to chemicals, and promote protective clothing. 

Improved Cost Savings and Operations

Escape the grasp of hefty fines, penalties, insurance, and compensation bills with seamless regulatory compliance and streamlined incident reporting. Reduce the number of accidents, and equipment breakdowns with PSM software. 

Elevated Employee Safety and Health

Neglected employee safety can result in the deaths of frontline workers, as it did in Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Increase staff participation in the overall success of the process safety management programs by implementing user-friendly mobile apps. 

Higher Environmental Accountability

Cut down the ecological footprint of your company’s actions. Keep an eye on chemical waste in the atmosphere and waterways, and manage them properly. Examine and upkeep release valves and vents to attain eco-friendliness, and financial success.

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Axonator No-Code Platform

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