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Axonator Preventive Maintenance Software

Axonator Preventive maintenance software is available as a separate module/component that comes bundled with the Axonator FM software. Main aim of this module is to implement task specific systems and processes that are essential for implementing a regular maintenance schedule for various tasks such as upkeep of all the tools and equipment that is required for various building services.

Axonator | Preventative Maintenance Software

Execute Preventive Maintenance Smoothly With A Powerful Tool

Axonator Preventive maintenance software is a powerful tool that deals with various mobile form tools meant for maintaining critical building equipment for better health of the building. These mobile form apps have various characteristics that make them the first choice of facility managers.

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Assign Tasks on the Go

Enterprise mobility of all Axonator apps helps you to assign maintenance tasks without being physically present there.

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Real-Time Notifications to Keep You Informed

You are always in the loop regarding the important happenings taking place on-site with real-time notifications

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Greater Visibility of On-site Processes

You need to know what issues your staff is facing on-site and this gives you greater visibility of the field

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An Open System for Your Convenience

All axonator app modules are open to integration with third party apps for better control and enhancing their functionalities

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Increased Transparency and Accountability

As everyone is absolutely clear about their roles and responsibilities and the chain of command, transparency and accountability are enhanced

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Analytical Reports on Your Fingertips

End-users get to use informative reports and the figures derived from them to recognize what is best for their business by using the Axonator app modules

Axonator | Dashboard Management Software

Asset Tracking Presented on Interactive Dashboards

As a part of preventive maintenance, facility managers and other decision makers can view a map of assets stationed at various buildings scattered in multiple clusters or a single location and this presentation of valuable information on interactive dashboards leading to faster, accurate, and strategic decisions backed by latest insights in the form of info collated from a plethora of data sources

Keep Critical Building Equipments in Prime Working Condition

Axonator Preventive maintenance software helps in maintaining equipment like DG sets, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and various others in prime condition and ensures that such systems work as intended if at all any emergency situation/s arises

Axonator | Preventative Maintenance Simplified for Visible Process Benefits

Preventive Maintenance Simplified for Visible Process Benefits

Ability to schedule Preventive maintenance for various building systems makes life easier for facility management staff responsible for critical building services. Staff get alerts and notification in advance about maintenance and upkeep of services that can act a life saver in case of fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. and equipment responsible for such operations are maintained in prime condition due to implementation of software like preventive maintenance software built by Axonator

Automation Workflows Suited to Your Specifications

Axonator software has a robust app architecture, and this results in a customizable software suited to your specifications that also consists of automation workflows leading to a systematic and logical application of systems and processes related to preventive maintenance.

Axonator | Automation Workflows Suited to Your Specifications
Axonator | Data Integration Software

Flawless Integration with Your Existing Data Management Systems and Processes

Axonator preventive maintenance software can easily integrate with your existing data management system and process and gives you an ‘omnichannel’ experience that makes migration from one platform to another a seamless affair

Building Systems and Subsystems Are Critical in FM Business Processes

Any facility manager will recognize the fact that maintaining all the systems and equipment constituting the building systems and subsystems need to be maintained in a prime condition for the facility management processes to be successful and contributing in saving precious resources and increasing staff productivity. A preventive  software fulfills all the needs that building equipment constituting of critical systems may have for a smooth functioning.

Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.