Axonator Key Platform Features

Unleash the power of Axonator features & capabilities to transform the operation and support the needs of your organization.

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Axonator Component Level Features

Mobile Form Builder Features

Power features to support every data collection need.

Workflow Automation Features

Intelligent features to achieve process automation.

Report Builder

Axonator’s advanced features support every report cases across industries.

Dashboard Builder

Axonator features that will help the organization understand what’s going on in the field. 

Integration Builder

Powerful that connects everyone to everything.

Axonator Enterprise-Grade Features

Achieve effective digital transformation with robust Axonator enterprise-grade features such as SSO, role-based access control, and stringent security policies leading to the robust user and data security mechanisms.

Our privacy and security programs adhere to industry practices. We adhere to AWS security compliances to ensure confidentiality.

Our role-based access prohibits employees from accessing user data. We firmly adhere to our commitment to reducing the risk of data exposure.

We integrate seamlessly with a legacy as well as third-party systems to ensure existing systems continue to deliver better ROI.

We enable organizations to access mobile apps using the same sign-in page and authentication credentials to simplify the login process

We accommodate customers’ specific deployment requirements; whether it’s on-premise hosting, cloud hosting, or a hybrid cloud option.

Our platform’s no-code architecture makes it easy for organizations to scale apps as per changing organizational needs. 

Axonator No-Code Level Features

Welcome to a new era of no-code development where you can develop feature-rich apps  in hours without writing a single line of code.

Bring data to life using dashboard to make better business decisions. 

Generate and send daily reports automatically to the relevant team.

Break data silos by integrating Axonator to various third-party & legacy systems. 

Automate your mission-critical processes with custom workflows as per your needs. 

Send e-mails, alerts, notifications, and reminders to take further action. 

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Axonator’s five components work together to create a rapid app configuration experience and support infinite use case possibilities.

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