Enhance Business Performance With Smart Dashboards

Leverage the power of a custom performance dashboard to gain visibility into your most important data, and key performance indicators, uncover insights, and employee performance to make better business decisions. 

Dashboard Example

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Connect To Your Data. Visualize It. Make Decisions.

Configure Your Data with Drag & Drop Dashboard Builder

Simply select the data & parameters you want to visualize and drag them onto the canvas to configure the custom dashboard as per your unique needs. 

Visualize Your Data in Tabular & Graphical Format

Select the most valuable data, and create intelligent visual representations like graphical & tabular charts to make sense of data.

Data Visualization

Gather Insights and Make Better Business Decisions

Analyze data and uncover crucial insights to analyze processes, identify key performance indicators (KPIs), uncover patterns & trends, etc. to make better business decisions. 

Data Driven Decision

Turn Your Data Collection Forms Into Mobile Apps Today!

Configure mobile forms to eliminate error-filled data entry for various field operations.

Mobile Form Configuration

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Start Visualizing Your Field Performance Today!

 Identify key performance indicators in minutes with performance dashboard across variety of processes like safety audits, quality control, and more with custom dashboard.

Supercharge The Way You Manage Your Business

Get the Entire Picture of Your Data in Centralized Dashboard

Get the comprehensive view of all your operations by collecting, managing, tracking all your data in a secure cloud-based centralized dashboard.

Multiple Graphical & Tabular Formats Dashboard
KPI Indicator Dashboard

Identify KPI Indicators to Improve ROI

Have better visibility into your key performance indicators(KPI) with data analytics to increase the ROI of your business processes. Monitor employee performance, measure progress against strategic goals, spot problems early on, make adjustments to make better decisions and increase ROI. 

Monitor Your Data in Real-Time

Monitor key data in real-time by creating a dynamic dashboard which gets updated as soon as fresh data is submitted. Analyze emerging scenarios for effective monitoring & tracking. 

Real Time Data Monitoring

Dashboard For Every Possible Use Case!

Performance Dashboard

Operational Dashboard

Drill-down Executive Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Industry Standard Features that Enterprises Love!

Whether collecting inspection data or survey information, Axonator’s advanced features support use cases across various industries.

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One Platform. Five Components. Infinite Possibilities.

Axonator’s five components work together to create a rapid app configuration experience and support infinite use case possibilities.

Be Ready to Achieve Field Operational Excellence

Axonator provides purpose-built enterprise solutions configured to each customer’s specific needs. Contact us now to learn how Axonator can work for you.

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