PDF Report Examples

Create Stunning Reports

Automated creation of reports, that can be submitted right from the field once a task has been completed. Just hit the submit button.

A Combination of Great Looks and Meaningful Insights

Not only looking great, but the automated reports can also be designed to convey detailed information, in the way you wish.

Drag and Drop Widgets For Amazing Reports

Just drag and drop the widgets you need, and arrange the flow of information and sequence of the contents in your reports for an amazing experience.

Your Own Custom Branding

Create reports that feature your company logo, and with design elements in-line with your company brand guidelines for projecting a professional image of your business.

Create Customized Report Templates

Create report templates as per your own specifications and requirements. Once finalized, you get automated reports that are created as per your templated and instantly emailed to the relevant stakeholders.

Attractive Email Templates

Create attractive email templates that not only look great but are designed to convey the information effectively for a great visual experience. Impress your boss, take into confidence the higher management with your insightful emails.

Insert Tables and Charts

Insert tabular information and various types of charts and graphs to add to a visual oomph to your reports.

Insert Links and Images

Insert external links, images, or any other visual elements in your reports for a great impression and convey information effectively.

Send Your Paper Forms and We Will Build an App for You!

Choose an existing ready-made app or create something from scratch without a single line of code. Lets’ get started in 2 mins.