Axonator for Supervisors and Inspectors

Accelerate and enhance field forces by enriching collaborations with enterprise-grade no-code platform.

Enable Seamless Collaboration & Boost Activity Growth With No-Code

Convert Your Paper Forms into Mobile Apps

Build mobile forms using drag-and-drop user interface. Drag widgets to capture photos, geolocation, scan barcodes & QR codes, etc. Add validations and conditional logic to control the form widgets’ visibility.

Configure Workflows to Match Your Processes

Automate simple and complex multi-user review, edit, and approval processes with automatic task notifications to the next responsible person. Standardize processes, remove delays, and the need to train new people.

Generate & Share Custom Reports

Automatically generate reports in PDF or CSV format to monitor field operations in real-time. Get the right data at your fingertips, always.

Setup Dashboard to Make Better Business Decisions

Simply select the data & parameters you want to visualize and drag them onto the canvas to configure the custom dashboard. Identify KPIs with data analytics to make better business decisions & increase ROI. 

Integrate Data with Legacy & Third-Party Systems

Fast and easy integration to eliminate data silos and bring different systems together seamlessly. Assume total control of your data.

Are you Ready To Transform How Your Field Employees Work?

Achieve Utmost Efficiency and Productivity in the Field

Axonator empowers Supervisors and Inspectors to manage their field workforce at work. Apps built using no-code platform are perfect choice for Supervisors and Inspectors to assign, track, and manage work, get real-time updates, give approvals, and also get real-time insights into operations. 

Why Do Inspectors and Supervisors Choose Axonator?

Axonator no-code platform is appreciated by Supervisors and Inspectors across the globe due to its ability to completely automate daily tasks across the field. 

Axonator helps Inspectors and Supervisors to maintain two-way communication with their workers. Easily take real time updates, gather work reports, and track work status from field employees, facilitating streamlined communication between Supervisors & Managers. 

Achieve complete process automation to improve collaboration among field teams, vendors, and clients, over automated processes and workflows. Identify bottlenecks and capture issues in real-time. Save time with accurate resource management and make updates on the go.

Axonator enables organizations to digitally record and trace real-time information on dashboards through any device. Dashboards provide real-time insights into staff utilization and performance, analyze risks and prevent reworks and misses by giving more visibility into how workers function. 

Axonator makes the reporting and data analysis simple with consolidated data availability. Supervisors can determine business patterns and make better business decisions. Also, its real-time reports permit supervisors to address and resolve problems before they become big.

“Axonator helped us manage our daily to work on the field. Mobile apps built on the platform empowered our supervisors to assign tasks and receive real-time reports from the technicians”

Jack Tosan

Shopflooer Supervisor 

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