Axonator Earns a Position in Top 10 Workflow Software 2018

1 year, 7 months ago by Timothy Cox

Axonator was awarded as a Top 10 Workflow Software by CIO Applications. Jayesh Kitukale - CEO of Axonator, gave insights on why workflow automation software holds the key to staying competitive, and which enterprises can automate their business processes. Read on!

Monday, 29 Oct. 2018: Axonator, one of the best workflow software, managed to add another feather in its cap when it grabbed one of the top-notch positions in ‘Top 10 Workflow Software 2018’ by CIO Applications.

Commonly know as workflow management software or workflow management solution is used by businesses increasingly today to automate the tasks in business processes.

Businesses are using workflow automation tools to increase productivity and efficiency in the teams, and at the same time terminate manual errors.

Axonator is one of the most trusted workflow mobile apps in the market that allows the user to easily build robust workflows just by simple drag and drop of widgets.

Axonator platform doesn’t require any coding or technical expertise for users to build any workflow for automation of business processes.

Jayesh Kitukale, CEO - Axonator, commented, “We, at Axonator, are really happy about this remarkable feat. Our customers are leveraging Axonator mobile app to deploy workflow automation in their businesses.”

He continued, “Productivity, efficiency, reduced overheads, etc. are immediate benefits these enterprises are seeking. But the ultimate benefit is that they want to remain competitive in the market and drive performance.” - Jayesh Kitukale, CEO - Axonator

According to Jayesh, workflow automation platform is for businesses of all shapes and sizes. He says that business processes that are repetitive in nature can easily be automated.

He points out to the fact that there are enterprises that still exist who use paper forms and reports.

These companies can replace paper forms with digital forms, and mobile apps can be used to collect data - which is submitted and shared in real-time with managers.

The inputs in the forms can trigger a set of actions like assigning the task, or notifying the manager on the app for approval or sending a report through an email.

It’s up to an enterprise how they leverage the workflow automation tool. The list of possibilities is endless.

Workflow Automation software is also about making your different platforms and systems talk to each other so that business processes are better streamlined.

About CIO Applications
CIO Applications releases the list of top 10 workflow software each year. The top 10 workflow solution providers are the best-in-class and are chosen based on a range of features and functionalities that they offer like integration capability, access control, complexity, etc.

About Axonator

Axonator provides workflow solutions keeping the ever-changing needs of the industry in the mind. All you need is a simple mobile device to deploy best of the workflow automation in your business.

Just drag & drop widgets to build workflow or even a complex mobile form.

You can choose from pre-built apps (on Axonator App Store) for different industries like HVAC, Construction & Repair, Facility Management, Field Service Management, Oil, Mining & Gas, Professional Services, Market Research & Survey, etc.

You can customize these pre-built apps to exactly match your business processes like data collection, inspection, auditing, delivery & dispatch, reporting, installation, maintenance, etc.

You can even build a mobile app from the scratch - without a single line of code.

Axonator provides powerful integration capability for enterprises to integrate their existing platforms like Salesforce, PeopleSoft, CRM, SAP, Zapier, Google Drive, etc.

Introduce workflow automation in your enterprise and digitally transform your business processes to remain agile, competitive, and scalable.

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Recent Award

Axonator recently bagged a spot in ‘Top 20 BPM Software - 2018’ by CIOReview.

Axonator has also been awarded ‘Great User Experience’ & ‘Rising Star’ Award in 2018 by Finances Online - an online portal for reviews on B2B & SaaS products based on the user reviews aggregated on the portal.

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