Axonator Grabs a Spot in ‘20 Best BPM Software of 2018’ List

Friday, 1 Oct. 2018: Axonator – one of the most trusted BPM software for enterprises, won another recognition in the industry when it was named in the ‘Top 20 Best BPM Software of 2018’ list by CIOReview. The awards come as a testament to Axonator’s commitment to bringing innovation to the business processes automation space.

Jayesh Kitukale, CEO – Axonator, commented, “We are really proud to add this feather in our cap. Business processes are crucial in shaping up the success of the company. Efficiency in business processes can be a game-changer for enterprises, and our customers have already witnessed it. More and more enterprises today are turning towards business process management (BPM) capability to achieve operational excellence through workflow automation and optimization of processes.”
For the record, Axonator has previously been awarded the ‘Great User Experience’ & ‘Rising Star’ Award in 2018. Both of these awards were bagged by Axonator based on the user reviews aggregated by Finances Online – an online portal for reviews on B2B & SaaS products.

About Axonator

Axonator offers innovative solutions keeping the changing needs of the industry in the mind. Axonator’s BPM can be accessed by enterprises using mobile devices. There is a variety of BPM software emerging in the market to fulfill the different business needs of the enterprises – but Axonator is a class apart because of the features that it offers.
Different apps have been designed for different industries (check Axonator app store), which can be further customized by the enterprise to fit their BPM strategy. Axonator’s BPM tool allows customization, which means scalability is no longer a problem.
Axonator supports great agility & flexibility to enterprises. They can build their own BPM tools easily – just by drag & drop. Axonator has helped enterprises to adopt digital transformation by eliminating manual and paper-based approaches. Axonator offers a powerful integration capability that has the provision for enterprises to integrate their existing platforms like Salesforce, PeopleSoft, CRM, SAP, Zapier, Google Drive, etc.
Axonator allows the users to build workflows and mobile apps that can be used to collect data, assign tasks, automate processes, track work, share real-time data, build reports, employ advanced analytics, etc. Axonator as a BPM tool has provided value to not just internal teams and management, but also to the end customers.

About CIOReview:

CIOReview is a leading magazine in the technology space with around 80,000 subscribers in the U.S.A. CIOReview happens to release the ‘top 20’ list of BPM software every year. The evaluation for these BPM tool providers was based on the following parameters: industry coverage, solution capabilities, technological innovations, viability & breadth of product offering. The evaluation was done by the panel consisting of Analysts, CIOs, CEOs, and CMOs of different companies.
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