Axonator CEO - Jayesh Kitukale, Shortlisted for 10 Best CEOs of 2018

He further stated, “I am making a bold statement – but this indeed will be a reality soon. What MS-Excel is to the desktop, Axonator will be for mobile. You can design simple mobile forms (digital or e-forms) or create terrific automation for your processes with Axonator.”

For the record, Industry Era magazine releases the list of Top 10 CEOs after evaluating a range of factors like CEOs Vision, Philosophy, Experience, and Unique proposition. Even further, it takes the following aspects into consideration: the services, products, strengths, innovative ideas, and future plan about Axonator Inc

Over the years, Axonator Inc. has been awarded numerous prestigious awards. All these awards highlight the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the mobile application development space

Some of the recent Awards & Recognition for Axonator:

About Axonator

Axonator is one of the most promising platforms that allow enterprises to build mobility solutions, workflow automation, BPM software, etc. The company’s flagship products include Facility management software, facility management digital checklists, digital checklists that revolutionize how facilities are being managed

There are pre-built apps available with Axonator for different industries. Check them on the Axonator micro app store. Axonator allows organizations to build customizable apps at any point in time without any technical expertise or coding. Just drag and drop widgets to create a mobile app with forms and workflows

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