Capture Precise Data with Mobile Meter Reading App

Conveniently scan utility meters for precise mobile data capture. Equip your workforce with an accurate meter reading app to monitor and manage the consumption of vital resources like electricity, water, and gas.
Axonator | Mobile Meter Reading App

Streamline Meter Reading & Reporting With Smart Meter Reading App

Simply Scan! Work Faster

Scan QR code to access meter reading form in the mobile app. An OCR ready app to submit accurate readings and reduce manual errors. Capture meter readings, record photos, add annotations, and send this information to your teams to review and take action.

Automate Report Generation and Stay up-to-date Always

Automatically generate daily, weekly, and monthly utility consumption reports in any format. Leverage custom workflows to automatically send these reports to the concerned person or customers for faster results.

Analyze Resource Consumption With Ease

Get energy and resource consumption analysis insights on custom dashboards. Achieve optimal consumption of precious resources like electricity, gas, and water across industries, commercial establishments, and private entities.

Easy-to-use Meter Reading App Beneficial For Both Consumers & Utility Firms

Digital workforce for Accurate Data Collection

Equips your employees with mobile apps to record meter readings quickly. Add relevant photos and integrate these meter readings with a linked billing account.

Eliminate Paperwork to Reduce Manual Errors

Replace paperwork with fast, accurate, and mobile data collection methods. Eliminate mistakes that may have cropped up while paper-based data entry.

Third-Party Integrations For Easy Connectivity

Ensure efficient information flow across platforms with easy third-party and legacy software integrations. Break data silos and create a unified experience.

Be Always Prepared with Notification and Alerts

Notify consumers when it’s time to pay electricity, gas, and water bills. They can also see the previous bill amount and respective date.

Improve Consumer Engagement

Empower your consumers to check meter readings on their own. Ensure transparency over resource consumption for lesser payment dispute

Visualize Your Spending In Real-time

View energy consumption using filters like day, week or a month. Access charts to visualize how you’re using the resources for corrective action.

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Fortune 500 companies around the globe use Axonator’s platform-based professional services to achieve their digital transformation goals in record time significantly lowering capital expense.

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Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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The mobile meter app enables organizations to record energy consumption data of various resources like electricity, water, and gas from utility meters. You can use such apps to send reports and analyze resource consumption over a particular period of time

You can scan the QR code fixed on the meter and the meter reading form will open. Capture the reading through the mobile meter reading app and hit the submit button. Transfer the captured data to a centralized location and evaluate your electricity, water, and gas consumption.

Yes, you can connect your utility meters with your mobile device. Axonator can help you monitor and manage your energy consumption by letting users visualize data gathered by the utility meter.

Yes, you can integrate Axonator mobile meter reading app to enhance the capabilities of your existing system.

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