Enhance Business Intelligence With Smart Forms and Dashboard

Collect the right and standardized data from the robust mobile form builder and get actionable insights from it in a centralized dashboard. The data recorded in the form can be displayed inline with graphs, bar charts, pie charts, or any other graphical representation.

Forms and Dashboards — The Most Reliable Way to Collect Data and Get Insights into Your Business

Make the most of your data with easy recording and filing with the drag and drop functionality. Transfer the data to dashboards for a better view through compelling charts and graphs. You may even depict collected data as maps and incorporate interactive components to aid in understanding the information displayed.

Low Code Platform

Mobile Form Solution To
Record Clean Data

Simple yet responsive forms for developers and non-developers alike to capture any type of information.
Centralized Dashboard Solution

Dashboards To Visualize and Make Sense of Data

The rich data collected by Axonator’s mobile forms may be displayed into graphical information for visual processing.

Collect Data in Minutes. Visualize it with Ease

Stay with Your Data Every Time

Rely on robust features of Auto-Save, Resumable Form Sessions, and Offline access to keep your data with you every single time. Pause and resume data collection anytime, synchronize it with multiple devices and the cloud. All in all, never lose your data, not even in the case of any mishaps or disasters.

No More Multiple Apps for Different Kinds of Data

Leverage the power of robust mobile forms with Automation Field Generation, Skip Logic, QR Code-based checklist forms, every form field to standardize every data collection process. Advance with data repopulation, Inline and Wizard modes, extended choice field, API Source List, taking pictures and annotations, and scanning codes.

Utilize Your Collected Data in the Right Way, Always

Axonator Forms and Dashboard are designed to give analysts the quickest way to get business-critical data with the most vigorous visual representation. It is an innovative visualization tool that creates custom, easy-to-understand data representations that bring relevant real-time metrics into the users’ view. These represent complex data and allow the assimilation of diverse information into a form that’s easy to understand, share, and act upon.
Inspection App Facilitate Digital Transformation By Comprehensive Audit Reports​
Live Data, Analyze in Real-time

Visualize Your Data & Act on
It in Real-Time

Axonator is more than just capturing data on your devices. It’s a way to bring clarity and meaning to that data so you can make smarter decisions and grow faster. Solve traditional data analysis tools and data explorations problems through a centralized dashboard for complete visualization of the recorded data.

Industry Solutions Developed Using Forms and Dashboards

Axonator | Tick Icon

Survey App

A mobile survey app designed for anyone who needs to complete a survey, asks questions, and receive real-time feedback and data. It enables you to capture and make sense of the unstructured information you obtain from surveys or interviews.
Axonator | Tick Icon

Data Collection App

A robust data collector and analytics engine. Collect data using polls, surveys, checklists, notes, card sorting, and more on the go. Create reports and hand them over to your team for a collaborative work session or internal discussion!

Axonator | Tick Icon

Attendance App

A mobile-based system with an easy-to-use interface, to help companies monitor their employee attendance from anywhere in the world through effective location tracking. Get complete insights about attendees with automated reports.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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