Mobile Forms

Building the next generation mobile forms involves more than just forms. Advacned features allows users to not just collect data but to also act on it. In addition it allows learning from the data collected using mobile forms.

Mobile Forms

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Build custom mobile forms and workflows easily from scratch. Drag and drop, no coding required. Using Axonator you can build, test and deploy mobile forms in weeks or even in minutes instead of in months and sometimes even years.

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Mobile Forms

Mobile Forms is the Future

Axonator makes building mobile forms as easy as creating a spreadsheet. If you are not a programmer and you want to build mobile forms to capture data like pictures, audio/video or customer signatures you can use Axonator. Once you know what mobile forms you want to build then it is a matter of minutes or hours to build the form and deploy to smartphones that are used by your employees out in the field.

Mobile forms can be used by many different kind of applications that involve actvities like taking pictures, annotating them to mark important observations like when doing audits and inspections in the field where using desktop forms is not feasible.

Offline Mobile Forms

Mobile forms can be filled even when no internet is avaialble. In offline mode, mobile forms data are saved in a local database and synchronized with servers as soon as internet becomes available. Many professionals, especially in the sales, need to collect customer information and store in CRM. Not all CRMs have mobile apps or may not work in offline mode. Mobile forms integrate with your existing systems like Salesforce and Hubspot.

Integrate with your system

If you are running a legacy system you can still integrate mobile forms by exposting an API. Mobile forms will submit the data to your API and it will be instantly available to your system.

Cross Platform

Mobile forms built using Axonator run on all kinds mobile operating systems and devices. The varierty of devices available in the market makes mobile forms a challenging endeavour if custom mobile apps are built. Using Axonator this process of building mobile forms using coding is bypassed entirely.

Customize Mobile Forms

Axonator allows you to customize exisiting mobile forms. You can add new widgets and remove the ones that you don't ned. When the new mobile forms are designed, older data that was collected uing older versions of the forms can be mgrated to newer version using a simple data migration process.

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