Mobile Form Examples

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Our Intuitive mobile form builder enables users to build their own digital forms. With no coding involved, designing forms as per your specific requirements is a cakewalk. The drag and drop functionality lets you design digital forms the way you want.

Mobile Form Types

Featured are the types of digital forms that are utilized in various apps, both created by the users themselves and the ones designed by Axonator. Typically, user-created forms and apps are based on basic functionalities like filling out a form and emailing the filled up form as a work completion report to the concerned personnel. 


Highly complex and detailed forms are designed by Axonator for our clients, where a comprehensive micro app-based solution is used for automating and streamlining their complex business processes.

Multiple Mobile Form Types

Types of Forms

Various types of forms can be created as per your specific needs and the intended function of the form.

Data Collection Forms

Streamline your data collection efforts for faster and more accurate surveys, increasing the productivity of your field staff, greater visibility of all on-site processes, and better output from your field staff.

Axonator Data Collection Forms

Object Form

A form designed to collect and record information about any object. It may be anything, like a building, and info regarding that building, like the number of floors, a number of occupants, area of the building, types of services present in it, and other details are recorded in an object form.

Action Form

A form designed to record any type of action (inspection, maintenance, repair) carried out on a particular object.


Information about any type of action that is performed on an object is recorded in an action form. For example, if a building inspection is done, the information about the building inspection (action) is recorded in an action form. The information is referenced as per the object form, and here the object is represented by the building.

Action Form

Asset Form

Used to record information about any asset. Used in scenarios where a large inventory is present, like a large number of products stored in a warehouse, or a list of machinery in a manufacturing plant.

Creating Digital Forms

Use the various basic and advanced widgets to create digital forms the way you desire.

Formula Widget

The formula widget is used to set a dynamically calculated value, depending on the responses recorded in the specified form fields.

QR Code Widget

QR Code widget can be added to your form for displaying information needed by the users, an easy and attractive way for critical marketing and customer service efforts.

Form Script Features For Advanced Functionalities

Use the form script feature to create powerful and complex forms to digitize any imaginable process for improved business outcomes.

Image Annotation Feature For Clear Reporting

Annotate the images you have included in your digital forms, describing your observations and making everything clear. Great for incident reporting.

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