Turn Mining into a Safe Occupation with Mining EHS Software

Keep an eye on safety hazards by simplifying your inspection process through mining EHS software. Easily monitor workers’ safety and environmental pollution by logging and tracking mining incidents and near-misses in real-time. 

Mining EHS Software

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Do You Also Face Similar Mining Operations Related Challenges?

After talking to several organizations, we understood all safety professionals face almost similar challenges.

Mining EHS Software to Save Time, Money, and Efforts

Axonator mining EHS software will help your organization ensure compliance with all safety standards while saving time & efforts.

Inspect Your Mining Operations with Mining EHS Software

Gain an expansive view of your mining operations to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency with Mining EHS Software. 

  • Log, track, and monitor safety incidents, near-misses, and MSHA regulations with mobile forms and checklists. 
  • Make quick and effective responses to potential safety hazards or compliance violations with workflow automation.
Operations with mining EHS software

Plan and Work in Advance to Meet Year-Round Compliance with Scheduler

Manage EHS tasks and activities such as inspections, audits, and equipment maintenance.

  • Create a customized schedule in advance, set deadlines, and assign responsibilities to specific individuals. 
  • For instance, when regular inspections of mining equipment and facilities are due, the scheduler will notify maintenance personnel to carry out assigned tasks and submit reports.  

Get Real-Time Task Status with Live Notifications & Escalations

Identify and notify potential safety hazards or environmental incidents with live notifications.

  • For example, if a gas leak is detected in a mine, an alert can be sent to workers and emergency response teams to evacuate the area and address the issue.
  • Automatically escalate tasks to higher-level personnel with the help of custom workflows in case of a delay or issue.
Mining Notification

How Do You Manage Mining Safety Currently?

Paper Forms

I am using paper forms and it’s getting difficult to manage.

Desktop Software

I am already using software but it’s hard-to-use on the field.

Multiple Systems

We are an enterprise and need a customizable solution.

Align Head Office and Field Communication Through Automated Reporting

Optimize internal and external communication within the organization by mining EHS software’s robust reporting capabilities: 

  • Share consistent data in a format that it is easier for both head office managers and field personnel to understand and interpret.
  • Document all safety procedures and easily uncover inefficiencies, irregularities, and trends. 
Mining EHS Report
EHS Mining Dashboard

Tap into Company-Wide EHS Performance with Custom Filters Dashboards

Get an enterprise-level view of the risk of your EHS performance metrics relevant to the mining operation: 

  • Number of workplace injuries, accidents, fatalities, and near-misses
  • Environmental incidents like gas leaks, spills, and releases of hazardous materials
  • Compliance violations

Closely watch these metrics by filtering what you want to see by specific period, date, location, and type of incident.

The Axonator Impact

Organizations using Axonator mining EHS software observed a significant reduction in safety incidents & employee injuries.

0 %

Reduction in Safety
Incidents Within a Year.

8 0 %

Better Response Rate to Incidents.

0 %

Reduction in Major Injuries
Within 6 Months.

Industry Standard Features that Enterprises Love!

Whether tracking the number of mining incidents or assigning corrective and preventive actions, Axonator’s advanced features make the EHS management process for the mining industry accurate & efficient.

Mining Safety Mobile Forms

Inspect and assess the safety of various aspects of the mining operation, such as equipment, facilities, and processes. Standardize questions or checklist items for accurate and consistent data collection.

Help Desk Ticketing

Report issues with safety or heavy machinery like mining trucks, large dozers, and more using mobile apps. Retrieve crucial information like their location, status, inspection data, and servicing history.  

Offline EHS Data Sync

Collect and record EHS data on mobile devices, even when they are out of the range of an internet connection. Keep all the records updated without the hassle of transcribing data later on Excel sheets. 

Safety Metrics Dashboard

Track and monitor the safety performance with intuitive dashboards. Identify areas where you need to improve the safety systems and make data-driven decisions to reduce safety risks and environmental hazards.

Issue Progress Reports

Enable safety officers, engineers, and field staff to send professional and comprehensive progress reports with a single tap in the preferred format. Attach all relevant information along with timestamps, e-signatures, etc. 

CAPA Automatic Scheduler

Assign corrective actions to relevant team members and set a schedule for equipment repair or maintenance, EHS audits or inspections. Ensure the completion of necessary tasks and audits. 

Risk Warning Indicators

Get notified when risk levels are hit on the field. Send warnings through advanced workflows. Alert software users to look into the raised red flags and mobilize teams to get into the corrective actions.

Compliance Calendar

Get a centralized view of all compliance obligations with the due date. Allow your employees to recognize safety violations and meet regulatory requirements without incurring fines, or legal implications. 

Benefits You’ll Get After Implementing Mining EHS Software!

Arrested Tailing Failures or Pollution

Prevent tailing dam failure by checking the amount of waste generated after extraction from ore. Implement mining EHS software to mitigate the consequences of toxic materials on wildlife and the environment. 

Slashed Toxic Gases or Chemical Exposure

Closely monitor and control workers’ exposure to toxic gases and chemicals. Alert workers and management when they reach dangerous levels through Axonator’s mining EHS software’s notification system. 

Reduced Fines, Penalties, or Litigations

Stay compliant with every safety regulation of the mining industry. Record substantial evidence from inspections. Spot safety violations and nonconformance, and take action to eliminate them without any delay. 

Optimized Safety Inspection Processes

Streamline and automate the safety inspection process by digitizing it. Reduce the risk of human errors and ensure that all inspections or audits are conducted according to industry standards and best practices.

Improved Mining Operations Visibility

Transform the process of collecting data, managing corrective actions, and generating actionable reports into a digital one. Get 100% risk visibility into all the mining activities with mining EHS software. 

Accurate Risk Predictions & Analysis

Investigate historical data and identify patterns and trends that may indicate potential risks. Take proactive measures in response to early warning signs. Report them to key stakeholders for informed decisions.  

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Axonator No-Code Platform

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