Digital Transformation is no longer a dream with Axonator micro-app strategy!

Does this sounds familiar?

Is your business planning to initiate or in the midst of a digital transformation journey and running into problems?


You are not alone. Digital adaptation challenges slow down many business transformation projects.


In fact, nearly $1.3 trillion was spent on digital transformation last year, out of which $900 billion was wasted. High cost, long project timelines, and difficult adoption are some of the key reasons why digital transformation initiatives fail in most organizations.


This calls for a strong approach towards digital transformation capable of solving all these challenges and that’s where ‘Axonator Micro-app Strategy’ comes into the picture!

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What is Axonator's micro-app strategy?

Pioneered by Axonator, “Micro-app strategy” is not moving to new technology but is a strategy to drive your digital transformation in a step-by-step manner. It is all about rolling out digital initiatives in phases rather than spending significantly on a single monolithic mobile app.


Using our proprietary no-code platform, you can develop customized micro-apps that serve as a small part of an organization and solve one problem at a time. The strategy enables companies to automate their most critical business operations through micro-app development, workflow automation, and business insights.


We have successfully implemented the micro-app strategy in different industries such as facility management, manufacturing, healthcare, energy management, etc. to digitize their processes.


Save yourself from spending millions of dollars on fully-fledged IT software or applications and opt for the micro-app strategy to start your digital transformation journey now.

How is micro-app strategy different from traditional monolithic digital transformation initiatives?

Most organizations across the world adopt monolithic applications or software, to begin with, their digital transformation journey. But as the systems grow, a monolithic architecture begins to hinder and even reduce organizational growth. Huge time to market, a complex learning curve for new developers, huge cost, large dependencies, and longer deployment time are some of the key issues with monolithic applications. This has often led to failed attempts at digital transformation in the organization.


On the other hand, the micro-app strategy emphasizes rolling out digital initiatives in phases rather than deploying a single monolithic app. Rather than digitizing all processes together in one go that turns out to be very chaotic, micro-app strategy is all about focusing on one problem at a time.

How does the Axonator micro-app strategy help your organization?

The micro-app transformation gets enterprises started with digital transformation in as few as 5 days, usually starting digitizing paper-based processes first. You can implement micro-strategy for:

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How Micro-app strategy can be implemented in your organization?

The development of an enterprise-level app or software can cost you thousands of dollars and could take months to launch. Micro-app strategy is a unique approach that includes faster app development that fits your needs, workflow automation that can streamline a particular process, report generation and analytics for better business decisions, integrations with your systems, and improved productivity for businesses.


Why organizations worldwide have been adopting Axoantor micro-app strategy to start with their digital transformation journey?

Leading organizations across the globe have been implementing Axonator micro-app strategy to start with their digital transformation journey on account of its numerous benefits like:

With the use of zero-code tools, micro-apps get built faster.
Develop apps in just days using the Axonator no-code platform that fits your requirements for that particular process.
You don’t need any special training to understand how microapps work (Even if you need, we are happy to help)
The only feasible digital transformation strategy in the world that organizations can adopt easily.
Axonator micro-app strategy can be customized as per changing business needs to fit new requirements.
Axonator micro apps work in both online as well as offline mode. Collect data in offline mode, it will automatically get sync when connected to the internet.

Are you still wondering how Axonator could contribute to your industry?

Irrespective of the management such as facility management, manufacturing, or energy management, organizations that are willing to introduce a digital transformation in their business can leverage Axonator micro-app strategy to save huge money, time, effort, and some headaches.


For the past few years, we have successfully implemented micro-app strategy for data collection, safety audits, incident reporting, real-time reports, schedule and approve work orders, workflow automation, asset inspections, process audits, local and global audits, performance and trend analysis, risk management, automation, analytics, and much more.


Would you like to know how Axonator’s Micro App Strategy can help your business boost productivity, reduce costs, and grow profits?


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