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Introducing the simplest way for operators and maintenance technicians to ensure that every forklift truck is in good working conditions and comply with OSHA standards

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Checklist for Tomorrow’s Facility Management
Convert Paper Forms into Mobile Forms
Convenient Forklift Inspections And Less Paperwork
Eliminate the use of paper forms & checklists and give your facility management a digital makeover. It is less time-consuming for employees, as they no longer have to go through memos and still be aware of what the tasks are for their day. When they are mobile, it is much easier to glance down at a list of tasks they need to complete, increasing their productivity
Customize Forms For Your Inspection Operations
The Forklift Inspection Checklist App features are customizable to your business needs. It also offers skip logic and conditional rules that let the app be adjusted for all types of tasks. Consequently, the result is a highly customizable checklist that will be checked off with the tap of a button, on various devices, making this app simple and easy for any digital list
Benefits of Using Forklift Inspection Checklist App
Enable Forklift Operators to Focus On Core Activities
Axonator forklift inspection checklist app empowers your team members to streamline inspections and post-inspection tasks, helping them focus better on operating their forklifts as safely as possible.
Identify Potential Hazards for Removal from Service
Send alerts for leakage, overheating, potential fire, and mechanical breakdown. Log incidents and maintain safety standards across organizations
Schedule Preventive Maintenance Inspections Regularly
Effortlessly conduct preventive maintenance inspection to avoid downtime and expected expenses. Identify and manage potential repairs and failures before they become a big problem
Go Mobile While Conducting Inspections
Effortlessly inspect the condition of the tires, forks, and load backrest extension, fluid levels, safety decals, etc. from the comfort of your mobile phone.
Axonator | Workflow Management Software
Automatically Trigger Next Steps With Smart Workflows
This forklift inspection checklist app is a great way to meet your routing or rules needs when your business requires change. You would have all your information in an easy-to-navigate format for everyone! This maximizes your efficiency and time management while saving unnecessary manpower usage

Enable staff members to instantly transmit and document rich information related to forklift inspection activities Generate reports at your convenience anywhere you like and save a lot of time and paper. Automatically create and send reports for all business operations using forklift inspection checklist app for iOS and Android devices.Automatically send daily forklift inspection reports to relevant stakeholders

Asset Tracking Dashboard
Drive Data-driven Decisions Using Intelligent Dashboard
Forklift inspection checklist app helps users to take data-driven decisions with intelligent dashboards. Managers can see all the inspections as well as report history that have been added by the operator. Detailed analytics reports show historical data sorted by filters like unit or operator in order to identify potential hazards. Managers can even also see data on the most common causes of failures as well as actual running time utilization
Do More By Going Mobile
Easy-to-Use Mobile Apps For Every Business Needs
The intuitive interface provides a low learning curve with a streamlined user interface to simplify the process. The checklist app boosts productivity by only increasing focus
Our Digital Checklist App Work Offline Too
Access checklists even in offline mode and the app will automatically sync data when you get connected to the internet. Use any device be it a regular smartphone or tablet at any time
Clear Communication Across Departments
Reward your business with high performance. Have the data to know who is doing what, how effectively they are doing it, and how frequently they are doing it. Everything is recorded as it is completed, saving you time and money in the long run
Save Time and Space, Set Right Priorities
Because everything will be in one location, investing in a paperless system for your checklists will not only save you time, but it will also save you room because everything will be in one place. Additionally, reduced expenses in this area will contribute to a more organized bottom line
Task Automation for Faster Processes
Using digital checklists helps your company save time, whereas filling out and formatting paperwork is something that should be avoided at all costs. All that is required of users is to check off tasks and click a button in order to submit reports or exchange information
Hassle-Free Updates and Upgradation
Thanks to the cloud-based no-code architecture, you don’t need to worry about updating or upgrading your applications. Continue your work with productivity without any delays in app up-gradation or worrying about new rules and compliance
What is forklift inspection?
Forklift inspection is the process that includes both visual as well as operational checks of forklifts
How often should a forklift be inspected?
The frequency of conducting forklift inspections should be determined as per the company’s requirements
When inspecting a forklift, what should be checked?
While performing the inspection, the operator should visually inspect the forklift and complete the inspection sheet. After the visual check, the employee should do an operational pre-use check to ensure everything is operating safely
Must forklifts be equipped with a fire extinguisher?
As per OSHA, it is not necessary to have fire extinguishers on forklifts. However, if they are present, they would fall under 1910.157(e), requiring portable fire extinguishers to be visually inspected monthly and subjected to a maintenance check annually
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