Mobile Apps For Manufacturing Industry

Customized mobile apps for manufacturing Industry help in the collection and analysis of critical manufacturing data for improving efficiency and optimizing processes.

Enhancing Business Agility and Competitiveness

Axonator has created an ecosystem of manufacturing industry specific apps that you can leverage for attaining optimal production outputs and achieving efficacy in the assembly line.

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Asset Lifecycle

Augment the entire asset lifecycle by refining engineering design and resource allocation.

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Lean Operation Mode

Eliminate waste by optimizing production and applying continuous learning for value creation.

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Communication & Collaboration

Facilitate perfect synergy between man and machine by promoting a seamless information flow.

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Reduce Production Downtime

Implement a robust predictive and preventative maintenance system to prevent breakdown.

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Rich Quality Insights

Expand visibility by analyzing both historical & real-time data for critical decision making.

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Inspection & Maintenance

Manage critical equipment maintenance logs and Inspection data to record productivity trends.

Intricate Ecosystem Of Mobile Apps For Manufacturing

With exclusively crafted mobile apps for manufacturing, you can create a variety of forms to organize batch records, promote safety and compliance, and track asset performance with ease.

Customized As Per Your Needs​

Customized As Per Your Needs

Augmented Business Processes

Ensure all your assets are in prime working condition by facilitating the collection of key performance indicators and standardize the manufacturing processes through customized mobile forms.

Augmented Business Processes Mobile Apps For Manufacturing Industry​

Mobile-First Workflows To Empower Your Workforce

Skillfully configured workflows that trigger notifications for allotting new tasks, allow sharing data in the format you want and adapt to your specific production process for stellar results.

Harness Powerful Workflows​

Harness Powerful Workflows

Optimize manufacturing workflows by automation and proactive use of mobile apps.

Leverage the flexible control of workflows to fast track your processes to gain efficiency.

Integrate the collected data easily to your existing data management system.

Streamlined Communications

You can immediately route critical manufacturing data to the supervisors and other relevant personnel along with a configured escalation matrix.

Streamlined Communications Mobile Apps For Manufacturing Industry​

Highly Structured Reports For A Captivating Visual Impact

Generate impactful and informative reports with rich data like audio, video, GPS locations, and images for better documentation and rigorous analysis.

Annotations for Better Records ​

Annotations for Better Records

Highlight material defects with annotated images along with relevant details like supplier information and product data. Generate high-quality reports to aid your suppliers and management for ensuring quality control.

Branded and Informative Reports in One Click

Axonator platform aids you in creating reports in PDF or Word format with various elements like images, tables, attractive fonts, logo, and themes that can be mailed to your customers or suppliers and help in establishing your brand.

Branded and Informative Reports in One Click​
integration Mobile Apps For Manufacturing Industry​

Integrate Mobile Forms With Any Software

In the modern enterprise IT landscape, applications are expected to work together. That’s why Axonator has robust open APIs and flexible data import/export capabilities that meet the most sophisticated integration requirements.

A Boon For Manufacturing​

A Boon For Manufacturing

Creating A Solid Base For Manufacturing Industry To Thrive

Greater productivity, streamlined information flow and better efficiency are just some of the benefits that Axonator provides.

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