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Easily build advanced enterprise mobile apps in hours or days instead of weeks or months, without the need for app developers.

What is Low-Code?

Low-code application development platforms allow non-developers to create applications with minimal coding. Low-code platforms empower enterprises to dramatically reduce application development time and operational costs while achieving breakthrough innovation, responsiveness, and agility.

Components of Low-Code Platform

Pre-Built Components

Low-code development platforms include out-of-the-box functionalities that a developer can drop in easily and seamlessly. Such functionalities are easy to document, easy to find, and come with a description of their function and purpose. Ideally, it should also be well-named.
Pre-built Components
Steps Ahead of Traditional App Development Methods

Steps Ahead of Traditional App Development Methods

Low-code platforms not only enable quick design, development and deployment of apps but also give software teams the tools they need to continuously improve their software in ways that are measurable and repeatable.

Integration with Legacy Systems

Cloud Integration

The latest low-code tools for enterprise IT teams to tackle data management, mobility, analytics and cloud that enhance business operations without developers.
CMMS Integration

Fluid Business and IT Collaboration

The smarter way to develop and deliver digital business solutions is to build them collaboratively – integrating small, independent, purpose-built components instead of large monolithic software suites.
Axonator | Online Retail Business Solution

Low-Code vs Traditional App Development

Here’s what makes a low-code platform more advantageous than a traditional app development

Traditional Programming

Who gets to develop mobile applications?

For developers and non-developers alike.
For skilled coding professionals only.

What’s the process of app development?

Simple drag and drop functionality to develop an app with writing minimal code for customization.

Requires gathering specific requirements, plan, teams, production, and resources.

How much time is required to deploy an application?

Rapid app deployment with easy-to-use templates and user interface.
Requires coding from scratch with multiple revisions at testing.

What would be the cost of app development?

Pay as per requirement through licensing-based pricing models.
Requires upfront payment of infrastructure, setup, production, testing, and maintenance.

How well do these platforms integrate with existing or third-party systems?

Easy yet robust integration with out-of-the-box API and smart integration tool.
Testing of compatible coding for the integration of existing systems.

Are these platforms secure and scalable?

Easy scalability as the business or needs grow. The latest technology and features are available instantly.
Demands revisiting the production pipeline with development, testing, and deployment.

Where do these platforms work on-premise?

Yes. On-Premise is available and organizations can deploy the platform on their premise.
On-Premise is also available and organizations can deploy the platform on their premise.

Any Whitelabel app development solutions included?

Yes. White-labeling is allowed.

Whitelabel app solutions may or may not be included

Get to Market Faster by Developing Enterprise-Grade Apps with Axonator

Axonator gets you up and running with mobile apps in hours, not days or weeks. You’ll work with existing processes to generate mobile apps that are stable and scalable, increasing profitability and efficiency.

Build Micro-apps that Automates BPM

With Micro-apps, take one small aspect of an organization and digitize it at a time. Address automated operations of any application at a fraction of the cost.
Business Process Management
Convert Paper Forms into Mobile Forms

Convert Paper Forms into Mobile Forms, Workflows

Improve process and efficiency, see real-time results, visualize the value of your initiatives and collaborate with team members no matter where they are or what their role is.

Digitize Every Aspect of Business Process Management

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Facility Management Software

From simple services like Data Collection, Inspections, Maintenance to complex operations like Asset Management, Axonator FM software streamlines entire FM operations.
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Inventory Management Software

Get complete visibility over your inventory management operations. Automate your entire inventory management workflow and get notifications when the inventory level falls below threshold limits.

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Asset Management Software

Designed particularly to optimize the utilization and quality of your assets throughout the lifecycle, improve productive uptime through predictive and preventive maintenance, and decrease operating costs.

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Quality Management Software

Easy to build micro-apps to record inspection and audit-related data in a single cloud-based environment. Couple them with multilayer workflows to automate quality control operations to track the quality of materials, machinery, and finished products.
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BPM Software for Effective Management

Join your BPM principles with futuristic technology via mobility. Implement a Mobile-First strategy for field business automation to conduct operations anytime, anywhere. As your business environment changes, customize Axonator to match your needs easily.
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Helpdesk Management Software

Integrate IT, Ticketing, and Support services into a single mobile application. Deliver services faster better, and more efficiently leading to the smooth resolution of service requests raised by users. Stay upfront on customer requests and never let a client go dissatisfied.


Low-code development refers to the application development process which concentrates on visual elements rather than the code. Herein, developers build web and mobile applications through a graphical user interface with drag-and-drop capabilities.

Developers and non-developers alike can use low-code platforms. Developers do not have to write code pages and repeat the procedure with each application. A low-code development platform meets all requirements and enhances talent production.

Since the production of low-code applications takes less time and less coding, it is relatively affordable. Low-code application creation also provides greater accessibility as it takes fewer resources to download and run.

You can easily build complex enterprise-grade applications with the help of low-code platforms.

Yes, that's right. As with conventional development, low-code development is customizable. Technicians can bundle, develop, and distribute new features on the go with the help of client and server APIs.

With the right platform, such as Axonator, the data collected, processed, and analyzed is encrypted in end-to-end environments. So that you can focus on what matters the most i.e. digitizing and automating your business processes.

You can design a mobile app for every imaginable course of action. For business, it might be facility management, asset management, inventory management, helpdesk management, etc.

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Fortune 500 companies around the globe use Axonator’s platform-based professional services to achieve their digital transformation goals in record time significantly lowering capital expense.

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Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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