Law Enforcement App For Enhanced Public Safety

The Axonator law enforcement app is designed specifically for facilitating the enhanced performance of public safety agencies. Readily providing real-time info, instantaneous data sharing spanning departments and greater visibility along with simplified documentation through our app lead to a faster and better prepared response by law enforcement officers.

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Key Differentiators of Our Law Enforcement App

The law enforcement app is loaded with valuable features that help public safety agencies to evolve into vibrant and vigorous entities geared up for serving the society.

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Crime Alerts

Easily send and receive instantaneous alerts regarding active cases, missing persons and unlawful activities.

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GPS Location Tracker

Ability to record and transmit exact crime location with GPS tracking for helping investigations, requesting backup and recording evidence. 

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Seamless Integration

The app can be integrated with different platforms for accessing specialized tools and information vital for officers to perform their duty.

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Improved and Instant Communication

Better communication across departments serving as a vital connecting link between officials to share data and expertise.

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Monitor Detainees Effectively

Effective tracking and monitoring of detainees by using app features that record biometrics like iris scans, fingerprints and facial recognition with ease.

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Organized Case Files

Better organized case files with rich documentation like audio, annotated images and collated investigation info that can be easily retrieved and accessed.

Empowering Law Enforcement

Maintaining public safety is a critical function that requires real-time and streamlined information exchange for faster response and improved coordination with the concerned agencies. Our app specifically helps officers to achieve these goals for ensuring not only public safety, but also their own.

Intuitive and Responsive Law Enforcement App

Pre-Configured Form Templates

We understand the pressing requirements of the law enforcement agencies and have several pre-configured form templates available off the shelf satisfying all such needs. 

Mobile Apps As A Dynamic Force Transforming Law Enforcement

Workflows configured specifically for faster and effective response, improving efficiency and making communities safer and driving engagement with citizens.

Configure Workflows to Drive Operational Efficiency

Incident Reporting Simplified

Officers can easily record POV videos that are automatically tagged with date, time and GPS data. This information can make a greater impact by adding personal notes and observation of officers. The law enforcement app is totally apt for incident reporting. 

Achieve Better Situational Awareness

Besides automated reporting, our law enforcement app provides a dashboard view of field level data collected and transmitted by officers for better situational awareness.

Superior Documentation For High Performance

Citation Management

Simplify and digitize procedures related to ticketing and capturing data for public safety and court applications. The law enforcement app can also be used on tablets or any other handheld device.

Mobile Apps Reshaping Law Enforcement

Strengthening Law Enforcement With Right Tools

Considering the shrinking budgets and limited resources available to public agencies, the Axonator platform is a boon for governments and law enforcement departments as it allows them to achieve more with fewer resources.

Integrated Law Enforcement Solutions

Axonator law enforcement app is packed with value-added features that let officers to execute their duties effectively and ensure public safety.

Customize and Upgrade

Easily customize or upgrade the app as per your changing needs.

Pre-Configured Forms

Pre-configured mobile forms and apps available for immediate use.

Cost Effective

A superior product that cuts operational costs and improves service delivery.

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Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.