Efficiently Manage the Ordering, Stocking, Storing and Usage of Inventory

Axonator offers easy tracking of inventory through mobile devices for better control and visibility of goods and materials

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Track Every Asset with Ease
Empower your workers with rich tracking features such as geo-tagging feature to get the required info of assets for various inventory transactions like posting receipts, checking and updating stock availability, and much more. Stay with your inventory irrespective of your location
Facilitate Inventory Flow
Stay in Loop with What's Happening with Your Assets
Store managers or facility managers automatically receive alerts if any inventory reaches the threshold limit. Inventories can be categorized as per type, location and class during stock entry for enhanced tracking
Measure Outcomes That Matter
The Axonator inventory management solution helps in observing the status of each category in inventory to keep track of stock levels and generate automated reports regarding stock consumption
Inventory Control As A Bedrock of Your Operations
Ensure that your stocks are optimally maintained and you never bear unnecessary costs by overstocking or understocking
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Eliminating Paper Based Processes
The rapid flow of inventory from the warehouse can make tracking difficult, especially if you still rely on cumbersome paper based processes for recording critical information. The Axonator inventory management solution helps in maintaining automated records of stocks, real time and accurate for better customer service and efficient functioning
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Greater Visibility Into Inventory
Automatically generate different kinds of graphs, charts and tables representing key performance indicators. Easily access any data like historical records, cycle count docs, and others for faster actions and better planning
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Better Inventory Tracking Mechanisms
Assign a single product to multiple locations in the warehouse for optimized functioning. Warehouse staff can see the different locations of any product in the warehouse for better navigation and efficient operations
Consistently Rated Best-in-Class
Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There's a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
Be Ready To Achieve Field Operational Excellence
Axonator provides purpose-built enterprise solutions configured to each customer's specific needs. Contact us now to learn how Axonator can work for you.
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