Powerful inventory management software designed for all businesses

Introducing the most sophisticated way for organizations to keep track of their inventory. The only software you will ever need to help operate your business. Easy-to-use, integrated apps, and loved by thousands of happy customers.

Powerful inventory management software

You are just one click away from saying, “that’s really easy”

It’s 2021, you shouldn’t need hundred-page copies to figure out the current status of your inventory. Axonator inventory management software is easy-to-use and can be deployed in just one click. We have intentionally designed it in way that you never have to call us for support (Even if you do, we are happier to help)

Mobile & web support, real-time updates, and cutting-edge technology are some of the factors that make us stand tall from competition.

Work more, track less

We empower organizations to have real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control management. Keep track of each category in inventory, generate automated reports in seconds, and set up email and field update workflows with Axonator inventory management system developed keeping convenience in mind.

Work more, track less with Axonator Inventory Management Software
Manage multiple locations with ease

Manage multiple locations with ease

You can now effortlessly manage inventory at multiple locations. Our geotagging feature enables you to scan asset tags and showcase their current location with the system. Know exactly what kind of inventories you have, how much is ready to dispatch, and where it is.

Centralized view of your inventory entire management

Axonator inventory management software creates a secure centralized information dashboard to offer greater visibility into managing safe stocks, maintaining optimum inventory levels, and optimizing inventory management in real-time. Observe detailed inventory levels, balance inventory on hand with open orders, and allocate the necessary inventory to the right customers at the right time.

Centralized view of your inventory entire management
Manage your inventory more smartly

Manage your items more smartly

Leave the conventional paper-based method behind and use QR codes to scan items. Keep a total track of inventory and receive alerts if any it reaches the threshold limit. What’s more, you can do this right from your mobile phone!

Rethink how your organization manages inventory with Axonator inventory management software

No matter what the circumstances are, we can make your inventory management work better. Make your employees productive and provide customers with what they need, when they need it.

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Explore the depth of Axonator with PO management

Be it for small businesses or large corporations, Axonator inventory management software can manage your purchase orders with ease. Whether you are ordering small parts or large equipment, our solution simplifies purchase management with features such as automated PO creation, barcodes, low inventory notifications, and much more.

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Equip your employees with mobile apps

Equip your staff members with mobile apps to send PDF reports, track inventory, suggest operational changes, and much more! Our inventory management system operates in a cloud environment and can be accessed by the entire distribution network across the field force and office personnel on mobile devices.

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Design captivating reports

Many businesses need a well-designed copy of the report and that’s where Axonator inventory management software beats the competition. Our cutting-edge inventory management software gives you the ability to customize reports to replicate the design and style of your original brand without the limitations and issues of the paper.

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You don’t need to pay heavily

Axonator inventory management software brings efficiency to complete inventory management procedures through a data-driven approach. It streamlines inventory operations through real-time data and provides flexible automated support for streamlining the management of goods, thereby reducing overall cost.

How can Axonator Inventory Management Software help your business?

Efficient management of inventory is one of the major challenges organizations worldwide face today. Assuring that the right stock is available at the right time at the right price is a major task for any organization. Improper management of inventory often leads to lost sales, unsatisfied customers, overstocking, giving away margins, and many other things.


Cracking these challenges is of paramount importance today and that’s where Axonator inventory management software comes into the picture! Our inventory management software plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses in reviewing stock updates, optimizing shipping, picking up orders, and notifying them of inventory refills.


Our cutting-edge features like bar-code scanning, geo-tagging, real-time tracking, and image integrations are empowering organizations to grow faster and increase satisfaction. It is a cloud-based solution that processes extremely high inventory demand and supply activity and presents an accurate real-time activity picture to the channels of promise.


what our client says?

“From the past few years, we have been working in the e-commerce space. After losing a significant amount of money in revenue due to improper inventory management, we decided to deploy inventory management software to automate our workflow. Axonator inventory management software ensured that we have enough stock at the right locations to meet growing demand while reporting intelligence has proved priceless when making purchasing orders on different lines of stock”

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the key objectives of inventory management software?

    Inventory management software enables you to track goods across your business’s supply chain. From placing an order with your vendor to delivering that order to customers, it streamlines the entire spectrum of management of goods.

  • What are some of the advantages of using inventory management software?

    Inventory management software plays a pivotal role in preventing stock-outs & excess stock scenarios, improving data visibility & planning, cutting-costs across the board, automating time-consuming manual tasks, growing revenue, improving customer experience, and much more.

  • What is required to implement inventory management software?

    The right device (desktop, smartphone, or tablet) and list of products that you want to manage are the only things you will require to implement inventory management software.

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  • How do you measure to see if you are successfully managing inventory?

    Less out-of-stock and overstock scenarios, increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, less inactive stock, increased profit-margins, reduced time spent on manual processes are some of the key parameters to measure inventory performance in your company.

  • How does modern inventory management software differ from other supply chain software?

    Traditional inventory management tools like spreadsheets have some key limitations including no real-time inventory information, no third-party integrations, reduced accountability, and much more. On the other hand, modern inventory management software automates entire inventory management operations and gives real-time visibility over inventory management.

  • How Axonator Inventory Management Software Fit into your Requirements?

    From order management, asset tagging, to inventory optimization, Axonator inventory management software can effortlessly streamline your entire inventory management operations. Well, the platform can be further customized to better suit your business requirements. You can keep evolving.

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