The Next Gen Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software helps in operations related to pick, pack and deliver and decreases the delivery time and errors, while increasing the ease of managing the placed orders and the order fulfillment rates. 

Optimized Inventory Management By Mobile Devices

Axonator’s inventory management software is instrumental in seamless and easy tracking of inventory through mobile devices.

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Easy Digital Cycle Counting

The warehouse staff use their mobile devices for digital cycle counting, eliminating the laborious paper based counts.

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Geo-Tagging Capabilities

The geo-tagging facility helps in getting the required info of assets for various inventory transactions like posting receipts, checking and updating stock availability, and much more.

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Decrease Production Downtime

Provides instant access to accurate and timely info regarding inventory to enhance operational efficiency and avoid production downtime.

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Efficient Picking Process

Achieve picking process maturity by phasing out paper-based picking proposals. Pick as per the sequence of the material layout to minimize distance travelled.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Enables consumers to digitally sign delivery notes and remove paper based processes for increased efficiency, customer satisfaction and profits.

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Automated Stock Consumption Reports

The inventory management app observes the status of each category in inventory to keep track of stock levels and generates automated reports regarding stock consumption.

Paperless Inventory Management

Axonator inventory management software enables easy, intuitive and dynamic digital solutions that totally changes the way you manage inventory for the better.

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Inventory Management Simplified

Get Rid of Downstream Problems

The inventory management software helps to eliminate errors like duplicate scanning or entry of barcodes, supports integration with different kinds of shipping and receiving operations for elevated functioning.

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Facilitate Flow of Inventory Through Your Warehouse

The extensive functionalities of the inventory management app helps in configuring workflows for optimized inventory flow through your warehouse. 

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Intelligent Workflows For Smooth Inventory Management

Greater Visibility Into Inventory

Axonator inventory management software gives you the ability to track total stock levels with a detailed view of the batch wise stock availability in different warehouses.


Different stock categories like unrestricted (shipping ready), quality inspection (for quality control checks) and blocked (unfit for shipment) are tracked for prioritization and demand forecasts.

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Effective Control of Warehouse Operations With Real Time Information

Proactive management of critical operations in inventory management is made possible by the Axonator app for accurate and timely information flow.

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Get Reliable Insights

Eliminate Paper Based Processes For Better Accuracy

The rapid flow of inventory from the warehouse can make tracking difficult, especially if you still rely on cumbersome paper based processes for recording critical information. 

The Axonator inventory management software helps in maintaining automated records of stocks and shipments, real time and accurate for better customer service and efficient functioning.

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Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

Relevance of Inventory Management Software in a Pandemic

Inventory As The Bedrock of Your Business

Optimizing inventory levels, maintaining accuracy and customer satisfaction are critical for your business. The inventory management software helps you to be productive, agile, efficient and accurate for maintaining a seamless supply chain.

Achieve High Business Growth

The Axonator platform offers value added functionalities that enable better operations in inventory management and control for greater growth.

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Real-Time Updates

An intuitive app interface results in a short learning curve and high adoption by auditors.

Public Assistance Programs

Role-Based Resolution

Apps can be configured as per the specific requirements for each role for better performance.

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Greater Speed and Accuracy

Achieve greater speed and accuracy in pick/unpick, pack/unpack operations by scanning the location.

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