Integration Services By Axonator

Businesses operate in a diversified ecosystem, and this results in the adoption of various third party systems and platforms for different needs, creating a complex IT infrastructure that becomes a monolithic entity, too hard to change.

A Closed System is a Liability For Your Business

Trade-offs between using a bulky and closed data management system and maintaining an enterprise system that is capable of exhibiting the required flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing technological environment becomes difficult to manage.

Be Receptive To Any Platform For Meeting Your Tech Needs

Axonator helps companies to seamlessly integrate their existing data management systems with our apps and ensures a smooth flow of data both to and fro from both platforms. This not only saves companies a lot of money but also enables them to modernize their legacy systems and outdated processes, much needed for staying relevant and competitive in the present situation.

Axonator Offers Cost-Effective, Efficient, and Easy To Implement Integration Services

Axonator helps companies to adopt a highly flexible and efficient micro app platform that enables them to leverage the advantages of enterprise mobility without replacing their traditional or existing data management platform. Our integration services are cost-effective, efficient, and easy to implement, resulting in huge cost savings.

Accordingly, Axonator offers its services in a modular format. Companies who just want to start their enterprise mobility journey, or may wish to start small with a pilot project, we have offerings for them to enable them to test the waters of digital transformation before they take the plunge.

Extract Data From Any Source, In Any Format

With the seamless integration services provided by Axonator, companies can extract data from different sources and use data that may be in any format, be it XML files or any relational data source. All this convenience and efficiency is achieved by companies without imposing a significant workload on their technical/IT staff and using the expertise of the Axonator technical team, everything related to integration is a cakewalk.

Seamless Import/Export of Data

All of this systematic and structured integration processes enables our clients to seamlessly import or export data from our platform to their data management system, or any other platform of their choice, depending on the specific operating sector and the processes they are using currently.

Easily Integrate Your App/System With Any Third-Party Platform

To reinforce the functionality of your Axonator micro apps, we offer you seamless integration services that help you easily integrate your apps with any third-party platforms to offer better services and enhance the capabilities of your processes. For example, you can easily integrate your asset management app built by Axonator with the IBM Maximo platform for enhancing the asset management functionality.

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