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Introducing the most sophisticated way for organizations to make smarter decisions around facilities management, space utilization, maintenance & resource planning and capital projects.

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Streamline Every Aspect of Facilities &
Maintenance Management

Ensure hassle-free, streamlined FM operations with a host of facilities management modules in a single platform. Bring together the workplace, people, space and assets into a single system to streamline asset utilization, asset tracking conduct quality maintenance, automate work order generation and allocation, manage space, improve visitor experience and more. Be the organization that every industry counts on!

Your Digital Gateway
For Fully Integrated Facility Management

Implement the modules individually or a full suite.
Target specific areas of working and concentrate best on your core activities.

Indoor Positioning System

Enables companies to track and follow the movement of entities (people and objects) inside spaces using GPS.

Wayfinding/ Navigation

Navigate easily from one location to another.

Room Desk Booking

Go beyond the ability to book rooms. Check availability of the rooms with respect to diverse filters and criteria.

Work Permit

Request, review, approve work permits, and automate workflow for job authorizations and approvals.

Audit management

Audit management provides a fully customizable module where you can create checklists & forms and assignment of tasks to the relevant teams.

Asset Management Module

From maintenance schedules, inspection reports, to locations, you can now manage your most valuable assets conveniently.

Live Space Availability

Live Space Availability app helps users get real-time space availability for locations such as Cafeteria, Parking Spaces, Gym, etc.

Material Indenting

Effectively record and track monthly material indenting and generate requisitions of materials before initiating a purchase order.

  • Efficient Work Order Management
  • Increased ROI for facilities
  • Exceptional Occupant experience
Axonator | Facility Management Software

Efficient Work Order Management

From space management, assets & maintenance to resource scheduling, Axonator FM software includes a suite of FM apps that are equipped with numerous features such as workflow automation, digital reporting, dashboards, third-party integration for managing and optimizing every facet of your facility management.
Axonator | Zero Code Platform

Increased ROI for facilities

Transform buildings into more capable, inviting workspaces with capital expenditure to maximize your return on investment and establish. Our customers have seen their equipment lifespan improves significantly with Axonator Integrated Facility Management Software.
Axonator | Business Process Automation

Exceptional Occupant experience

Every FMS company works wuth their own process so we made a platform that provides the suite of facilty managment software which is highly cusitmizable according to your needs. Our thousnd of happy customers are using it for diverse requiremnts such as incident reporting, site inspection, and others.

Streamline Every Aspect of Facilities &
Maintenance Management

Axonator | Digital Reporting

Mobile Apps for Every Possible Scenario

Equip your staff members or occupants with enterprise-grade business apps to cover all facility needs, in every industry. From asset management to space management to inventory management to visitor management, Axonator Integrated Facility Management Suite is integrated with a variety of mobile applications.

Streamlined operations and maintenance landscape

Access automated reports on work orders, maintenance requests, inspections, field services activities, and other facility management processes with KPIs in real-time. Analyze the performance of all your work orders causing equipment failure, work delays, and compliance issues using digital reporting.
Axonator | Digital Reporting
Axonator | Digital Reporting

Quick Response Time with Digital Reporting

Axonator integrated facility management software empowers companies to improve their response time with digital reporting. Send work order requests, book desks, and other related notifications in real-time. Anyone can access the information, irrespective of whatever location they are at, and can respond to requests immediately.

Enterprise BMS

Axonator BMS software facilitates automation of buildings and various associated systems using advanced technologies to make them safer, more efficient, environment friendly, and sustainable.

Visitor/Guest Management

A seamless and secure visitor experience with a speedy check-in, in-deal recording of guests, push notifications, etc.

Catering Services

The app helps users in the ordering and delivery of food. Notifications will be received by the kitchen team for making the food ready on time. It also helps the company to manage the multiple vendor revenue and payments.

Guard Patrol System

Effortlessly log facility incidents and instantly notify relevant stakeholders about incidents to take faster and immediate action on them.

Book a service

Book any service like room booking, desk booking, etc. The user sees the services on offer, the prices, and the waiting time appointments.

Event Management

See details of site-specific events, take registrations for new events, mark attendance, get notifications, facilitating the entire management of events.

Feedback & Survey

Send feedback for the service customers requested with the feedback/ survey management app.

Customer Engagement

Manage good relationships with customers through numerous customer engagement activities such as customer feedback, recording queries, etc.

Customizable Industry-Specific Solutions

Developed on the foundation of a no-code/low-code platform, Axonator FM software is configurable to fulfill every business need. It’s your business that shapes our software. Whatever your needs, you define the rules – we build the FM solution on our low-code platform.

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Parking Management

See the live availability of parking spaces.

Co-working Space Management

Provides different individuals the opportunity to share office space. Users can see the availability of such places and book accordingly.

Space Management Module

Plan and manage each and every bit of space and get visibility to building occupancy levels for better management and utilization of spaces.

Workplace Management

Keep buildings/spaces in their prime condition and facilitate a harmonious environment along with optimum utilization of resources.

Attendance Management

Record employee attendance powered by facial recognition technology.

Inventory Management

Keep track of entire inventory across the entire supply chain.

Maintenance & Repair Management

Easily schedule preventive and condition-based maintenance activities based on a data-driven approach.

Inspection & Approval

Includes digital forms specific to conducting inspections and approvals that can be customized for particular field applications.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator’s Integrated Facility Management  software has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, work order management, and maintenance management. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other Maintenance and CAFM software.

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