Mobile Inspections And Approvals Simplified

Axonator offers digital forms specific for conducting inspections and approvals that are optimized for field applications. Axonator inspections forms are highly customizable and easy to use which leads to better data collection regarding inspections of buildings and machinery for enhanced quality and instant approvals. 

Flexible Inspection Forms

Inspection forms created using the Axonator platform are highly flexible and mold to your specific requirements. All forms can be created from scratch using our zero-code platform and can be rapidly deployed on-site through customizable apps

Enjoy Greater Productivity

Any type of inspections can be carried out faster by the field inspectors with high quality output and accurate info. This results in better productivity of field inspectors to carry out more inspections per day. All such benefits impact the bottomline positively.

Enjoy Inspection App Greater Productivity

Streamlined Approval Process

Once inspections are completed, inspection forms can be submitted automatically with structured inspection reports by email. All the concerned authorities like facility managers, higher management or clients are notified about the submitted inspection report for granting approval.

A Win-Win Situation For Everyone Involved

Inspections are essential for ensuring quality, compliances with safety and federal mandates and for optimized functioning of machinery. Discover how Axonator helps you conduct inspections better.

Customized Inspection App

Customizable Inspection Forms

Inspections forms are enabled with data validation features for recording accurate and high-quality inspection data. Speed is ensured with features like prefilled fields, GPS, barcodes and QR codes to automatically embed info in the inspection forms.

Inspection App Reap Extensive Benefits ​

Reap Extensive Benefits

Field inspectors can perform inspections faster and efficiently, no need for them to manually enter data or create inspection reports. Facility managers and higher management get access to high quality inspection reports for measuring performance and team productivity.

Inspection App Facilitate Digital Transformation By Comprehensive Audit Reports​

Interactive Dashboards

Ability to represent the collated inspection data into actionable insights viewed on an interactive dashboard for better visualization and analysis. Helps facility managers to identify critical trends and compare the selected KPIs for analyzing compliances, asset conditions, and much more.

Flexibility and Convenience

The Axonator platform offers inspection software that is equipped with rich features like capability to record data offline in remote areas where internet connectivity is absent. Also, workflows can be configured for conducting any kind of inspections in an efficient way.

Mobile First Axonator App Ecosystem

The Axonator platform presents a comprehensive ready to use and customized app ecosystem for various industries and use-cases specifically designed for enhancing field-based processes.

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Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.