Innovation is The Prime Mover at Axonator

Axonator takes pride in being pioneers in the no-code micro applications development space, and we have witnessed the growth and development of this sector and are playing a prominent role in shaping up the future of this crucial tech. Axonator is driven by an innovative culture, and incorporating the latest cutting edge technology in our apps to add value to all of all clients, and leaving a positive impact on their operations is the way forward for us, and our entire existence is based on this guiding principle.
Axonator | Digital Transformation

Shaping Technological Evolution With A Mobile-First Approach

Our mission is to ‘bring the world on mobile’ and by building a highly accessible, intuitive, award-winning, and easy to use no-code micro apps platform, Axonator is playing a prominent role in shaping the mobile-first approach as per the specific needs of the end-users, and with easy to use apps that make a huge difference in both the bottom line of businesses and efficiency of workers, we make the mobile-first approach the preferred choice of organizations in their way ahead for their digital transformation initiatives.

Axonator | Digital Transformation

Leading The No-Code Revolution By Cutting Edge Digital Transformation Initiatives

Adding value to our clients is one of the most important facets of our operations, our relationship with our clients doesn’t end when an app or software is sold to them, but it is just the beginning of a long and cherished relationship in which we constantly strive to add value to the operations of our clients and help them to achieve more, in a better and more efficient way. In this context, we are the leaders in the no-code app development space, enabling businesses to save precious time and resources by adopting digital transformation initiatives to streamline their operations and realizing their potential through enterprise mobility.

Innovations Axonator Is Focusing On

Below are four main areas of innovative technologies that Axonator is currently focusing on to make our apps relevant to a constantly and rapidly evolving technology sector, with new innovations in crucial fields like AI, ML, and IoT shaping up the no-code micro-apps tech sector in a significant manner and letting our clients emerge as winners in their crucial transition to enterprise mobility.

Face Recognition Technology

Axonator is deploying micro apps with face recognition capabilities in different sectors, especially in contactless attendance management and for visitor management and access control functions. We are emphasizing nearly cent percent accuracy in facial recognition, refining the software to reduce errors to insignificant levels, and working on ways to expand face recognition technology to our other apps.

Object Detection

Enabling the machines to see, the cutting-edge object detection technology is paving the way for our apps to utilize the rapidly evolving technology like AI, ML and IoT related technologies for better performance in areas like asset management, inventory control, and the like, where detecting objects plays a vital role, and automating this entire process translates into huge gains in productivity for our clients.

Voice Recognition Technology

Voice & Text Recognition

Technologies related to voice and text recognition are evolving at a rapid pace, and we are constantly evolving our micro apps platform to incorporate the latest versions of these technologies for better performance and enabling our clients to get more value in their micro apps and help them to design and implement more efficient and cost-effective processes.

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