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Log Incidents with Mobile Apps

Forms & checklists with advanced features like GPS location, image capture, and signature to log detailed incident information.

Root Cause Analysis(RCA)

Discover the underlying root cause of incidents using methodologies such as digital checklists, 5-Whys, and more.

Alerts for Potential Risks

Send real-time alerts about potential hazards using incident reporting software. Take preventive actions to avoid risks.

Investigate, Track, and Risks

Assign, investigate, and track investigate incidents. Create tickets, add responsibilities, and escalate to higher management.

Instant Compliance Alerts

Comply with industry safety standards using digital checklists. Send automated alerts if safety standards are not being matched. 

Automated Incident Reports

Automatically send PDF incident reports with information like site name, department, and location to the responsible team.

Assign Corrective & Preventive Actions

Easily assign preventive or corrective actions to the responsible team for potential risks or reported incidents. Take preventive measure with an ease.

Incident Visibility & Trends

Visualize data on a customizable dashboard to identify problematic trends for incidents that may seem unrelated or random. 

Automates Incidents Reporting Process

Leading energy firm Energenius uses Axonator incident reporting software to log incidents, record energy readings, and more. 

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Mobile-first Incident Reporting
Software to Report Incidents

Report Incidents and Near Misses Easily

Equip your staff members with mobile-first incident reporting software to report, track, and manage incidents and near-misses with ease.

Streamline Entire Incident Management Process

Build custom workflows to automate appropriate responses for any type of incident. Allocate responsibilities as per category, location, priority, and more for effective response.  

Take Preventive Measures for Ensure Business Continuity

Get a real-time view of all organization-wide vulnerabilities to take preventive action in order to eliminate and avoid incidents. 

Build Apps On Rapidly No-code Platform

The Axonator incident reporting software is built on our unique no-code platform. The platform combined with professional services is the perfect recipe for delivering a customizable solution that fits your exact needs. 

Incident Reporting Apps Built-In

Axonator No-Code Platform

The Axonator no-code platform is built to support your needs whether it’s building an incident reporting app for your teams or mobile-extending your existing systems and products. 


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