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Reduce queue time, improve customer service and reduce IT expenses. Incident Management App gives you a bird’s eye view of real-time visibility on incidents and fully integrated functionalities to meet your customers´ expectations

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The Intelligent Way to Manage Incidents
Axonator Incident Management App provides advanced features and helps to automate everyday tasks by providing smart workflow support and integrating easily with other business software. It offers a real-time, visual view over your entire IT service chain and that includes tickets, issues, or incidents from applications you use every day
Incident Management Simplified
Report, Investigate, Share
The Axonator Incident Management App helps you to log incidents easily and analyze the collected data to prevent recurrence of such incidents. Investigations can be easily shared with the relevant stakeholders to reinforce better responses in the future. Also, investigate the root causes of any incident to understand how to prevent such incidents
Advanced Automation Features To Speed Up The Process
Right after an incident is reported, the incident management app swings into action, and multiple responses are triggered in the form of creating tickets for assigning responsibilities, alerts and notifications to higher management, and display of current response status
Assume Total Control of Incidents
Allocate responsibilities as per the category, location, and priority for effective response. Keep everyone in the loop regarding every development until everything is resolved. Reroute escalation to higher management if the need arises and reassign or reopen any task
Achieve total control over incident management

Integration with Legacy Systems

Connect Everyone to Everything

Break down data silos by integrating cloud and on-premise applications, third-party software, legacy systems, data sources, and devices across your distributed environment with Axonator.
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Make Effective and Organized Response, Every Time

Enables Faster Resolutions

Axonator incident management app have features like location intelligence in the form of GPS and Geofencing, and various collaboration tools help in cutting the response time and faster resolution of any emergency situation. A dashboard view of KPIs helps higher management in monitoring the incident responses for greater accountability and faster resolution

Intelligent Signalling For Quick Turnaround

For effective incident management and accelerated response, the alerts and push notifications are synchronized with mobile devices, tablets, or even smartwatches. The alerts and notifications help in intelligent signaling that can be modified as per the type and severity of the incident and also escalation alerts are instantly transmitted to relevant stakeholders

Automated Response Prioritization

Incident Management App provides a comprehensive incident tracking, prioritizing and management system focused on providing flexibility, efficiency, and real-time visibility. Configure the priority of issues depending on their significance and urgency, and automate the prioritizing of incidents

Effective SLA Management

Set numerous SLAs for job deadlines and automate escalation criteria depending on different kinds of issues and groups to ensure that issues are resolved on time. Increase the speed with which issues are resolved by allocating them to technicians as soon as they are logged into the help desk software

Easy Follow-ups After the Incidents

Your incident management partner goes wherever you do! Axonator is a revolutionary mobile-first incident management app that helps your team to keep everyone up to date with team progress as well as deliver accurate feedback

Fully Customized and Flexible

Fully flexible and customizable to meet the needs of particular departments and incident types. The app is very versatile, allowing for seamless connection with other software platforms, which allows for the inclusion of new functionality to make incident management more robust and effective

How Can Axonator Incident Management App Help Your Business?
As a mobile-first platform, offers an enjoyable user interface and a pleasant experience that puts unique intelligence, automation, and best practices in the palm of your hand. By putting unparalleled insights and sophisticated response automation at your fingertips, we enable you to take the appropriate action at the appropriate time and drive optimal incident response procedures from any location
What are the 5 stages of the incident management process?
Incident identification, Incident categorization, Incident prioritization, Incident response, and Incident closure are the five stages of the incident management process
What is incident management software?
Incident management software is a tool that helps organizations manage and respond to incidents. IT departments typically use it to track and resolve incidents, but it can also be used by other departments, such as HR or customer service
What are the issues that I may face with incident management software?
Firstly, if the software is not properly configured, it can cause problems with tracking and managing incidents. Secondly, it can become overloaded and difficult to use if you need more staff to manage the software. If incident management software is not used correctly, it can cause more incidents
What are the benefits of incident management software?
There are many benefits to using incident management software in your business. By automating the incident management process, you can save time and money while improving the quality of your customer service. Additionally, you can improve communication between customers and staff and track and monitor customer satisfaction levels
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