Incident Management App

The Axonator Incident Management App helps you to respond faster to resolve critical incidents based on automated alerts and better collaboration between teams for an effective response. Components like alert management, collaboration enhancing tools and superior incident reporting tools help in making your response fast and effective.

Intelligent Signalling

For an effective incident management and accelerated response, the alerts and push notifications are synchronized with the mobile devices, tablets or even smart watches. The alerts and notifications help in intelligent signalling that can be modified as per the type and severity of the incident and also escalation alerts are instantly transmitted to relevant stakeholders. 

Advanced Automation Features

Right after an incident is reported, the incident management app swings into action and multiple responses are triggered in the form of creating tickets for assigning responsibilities, alerts and notifications to higher management, and display of current response status.

Fully Customized and Flexible

The notifications settings can be altered as per localization settings and catering to specific departments and incident categories. The app is highly flexible to facilitate integration with other software platforms for additional functionalities to make incident management robust and effective.

Incident Management Redefined

Avail the multiple benefits of the Axonator incident management app for an effective and organized response.

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Assume Total Control

The incident management app helps you to allocate responsibilities as per the category, location and priority for effective response to any incident. You stay in the loop regarding every development right from the time incident is reported and till it is resolved. You can also reroute escalation to higher management if the need arises and reassign or reopen any task. Ability to monitor the progress of resolution and measure performance.

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Enables Faster Resolution

Features like direct chat, location intelligence in the form of GPS and Geofencing and various collaboration and documentation tools help in cutting the response time and faster resolution of any emergency situation. A dashboard view of KPIs for every department and employee helps higher management in tracking and monitoring of the incident responses for greater accountability and faster resolution.

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Report, Investigate, Share

The Axonator Incident Management App helps you to log incidents easily and analyze the collected data to prevent recurrence of such incidents. Incident documents and the related investigations can be easily shared with the relevant stakeholders to reinforce learning and better response in future. The app also helps in investigating the root causes of any incident and in better understanding how such incidents can be prevented.

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Module Based Approach

The Incident Management App can be altered to suit the specific requirements and accordingly particular modules can be added in the app for a better response. Modules that are added include health and safety, risk management and audits, hazardous materials, compliances and many more. This refined module based approach significantly increases your ability to respond to any type of incident in a better way.

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